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Race cars hong kong Videos

Hong Kong RC Cars

The people at Meguiar's having a bit of fun with some RC race cars! Learn more with our mobile app at: ...

Jet Aero Racing Pull String Motor Car Hong Kong Toy

Jet Aero Racing Pull String Motor Car Hong Kong Toy.

HONG KONG 150 Gallon Monster Tank - Race Motors

HONG KONG 150 Gallon Monster Tank.

Car crash caught on camera Hong Kong (car crash)

Car crash caught on camera Hong Kong car crash car crashes crash motorcycle crash car crash compilation smart car crash funny car crash plane crash car ...

Grand Tour Racing '98 - Hong Kong 6 - Normal Race (Morgen)

I play GTR'98 this time, with awesome Morgen Stunt! This is the recording test of emulator, I'm using the ePSXe 1.9.0 with Pete's OpenGL2. A little bit glitchy ...

User Comments

The soundtrack doesn't play for me on epsxe :( Even on the latest build.
+StrifeFF791 Please use the CDR plug-in "CDR Mooby". But still cannot play music accurately... The Android version of ePSXe can play music accurately. However, the gameplay is more difficult...it's hard to choice.
GTR'98だとコース内の[激走!グランドレーシング]の看板が[GRAND TOUR RACING '98]に変わるんですね!
そうですねー。オリジナルのTotal Drivinも違いますし、フランス版であるM6 Turbo Racingもまた違います。 あとはそれぞれの移植・発売に携わったメーカーのロゴとかもありますね!
Very nice. I've only beaten this level with Morgen three times.
+Koop C Yeah, this is difficult. I think precise throttle control is the key to victory.
Awesome! But hey where did you get the 70 secs from in the video title?
Oops...(lol) Yeah, that's a miss of copy & paste. Thanks!

Out of Control Soapbox Racing in Hong Kong

It's soapbox racing like you've never seen it before. 35000 spectators packed the streets for Red Bull's first soapbox race in Hong Kong. 42 contestants designed ...

GRID 2: HONG KONG RACE Spectacular Barrel Roll Crash

Just me attempting a crash where the car goes airborne and rolls over many times, done for the "Shaken, Not Stirred" achievement.

cool car in causeway bay hong kong

we saw a racing car while walking home.

User Comments

Hahaha ganon ba? anyway thanks sa info papalitan ko nlng siguro ng NICE CAR. hahaha :)
ferrari daw :) LAMBORGHINI po yan :P
AHAHAHAHH! ge jc :) ingat

RC racing car

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