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Okie race cars Videos

Okie Sprint Car Fight I-44 Speedway

a bunch of Okies get it on Jerry Springer style when a comment is made in regard to the way some guys brother was racing... I don't know... I was just there to get ...

User Comments

From what I hear it all started over richards wife being stuck up and thinking shes to good to be around richards family. And she called richards neice a a n**** and a b****! I think thats how it all got started but then again I could be way wrong! But I do know there are alot of people out to get richaard for calling his grandma a b**** when she didnt do anything to him! Which is BULLSHIT! He needs to watch doing that or he will find himself in for a world of hurt!
I think its pretty immature of the guy in the black to jump on a man over twice his age and half his size! SOunds to me like he is the one that needs his ass whooped! And why does it matter that the girl in the pink is pregnant and already has a kid? The last time I checked that wasnt illegal. I think the kid int he white and the one in the red now what respect is anytime they are trying to protect thier dad looks like the kid in the black needs a lesson on respect!
You Okies crack me up...how about you settle this like reasonable people... get on the race track and see whos the best... oh yeah, were talking about those stock cars... I typically leave before that "race" even starts. That track is too small and the kid sprints are faster. ah well, I know, Its not World of Outlaws.
Alright suspensions are up... It's Saturday!! I'll up the ante... $100 to the person who puts the #12 stock car into the wall tonight I will also declare the winner of this sorry ass fight before locking the comments up. Again $100 to the driver who puts the #12 stock car into the wall TONIGHT ONLY!
Look I know all of your suspensions end this week. Let's make this interesting. I will publicly declare the winner of this fight if someone knocks the #12 white and blue stock car out of the race. That driver is cocky and has worse sportsmanship than this fight has displayed.
Alright you stupid Okies... I know we can all talk tough when we are behind a computer screen. Why don't you settle it this Saturday at the speedway. I'll bring my camera. Okie's bring their chewin' tobacco and boxing gloves.
why cant you people settle family matters at the family reunions and leave the racetrack as a fun SAFE atmosphere for the fans, spectators, and drivers? geez. or is the racetrack your weekly family reunion?
i know everybody in that fight the dude in the black shirt is a bitch and is gonna get his ass wooped just the right time and the right place everyone of them are fucking backstabers
Hehe takes a big man to hit his dad...f'n bs if u ask me.. wtf has gotten into u richard?? geez..i know its that ho right? get er behareh n betty..git that biatch..
Your a fool cmpece you dont even deserve to have that name see what u do...coming into what used to be a close family and fuckin it up geez what a bitch
is this what racing is about i mean seriusoly what the point of fighting at a track.... take up boxing if you want to fight or better you ufc
I love the guy at the beginning sittin right in front of the fight just eatin his popcorn and watchin the punches thats priceless
bitch rere isnt lela mae...its me lisa...and why go to richard u puss...ur the bitch who needs stomped!!!
What's more hilarious than a handfull of hicks beating the shit out of each other?
why did the woman walk in2 the fight carrying a baby the dumb bitch lol
man u better watch wat ur saying cause they aint backstabbers lik you
Then why dont you tell us why this all started?
lmfao hahaha look at that fat cunt rofl!
If you aint rubbin, you aint racin.

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