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Misconceptions about Chinese culture over UBC hospice controversy

David Choi of the National Congress of Chinese-Canadians addresses a cultural controversy raised by opponents of a hospice development near UBC.

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Why is he arguing about what is about what is good or bad Chinese culture? Who gives a poop. That is not the point. This is Canada. This is about Canadian culture.
good grief... what is happening to Vancouver. it just gets walked all over by people who move here for investments only.
Wow, well said, David Choi. If only this point can get into the heads of those people...

Wat Memorial Lecture - Pai Hsien-yung

Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the UBC Department of Asian Studies. Father and the Republic is a photobiography ...

Global Travellers, Visual Connections

BC China Scholars Forum Moving Words, Moving Images, UBC, April 9-10th, 2010. Webcast sponsored by Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Panel includes: ...

CTPH-PRB Media Study Tour in Bwindi- UBC TV News clip

Too Many Chinese People!

Walking through a ridiculously crowded shopping mall in Shanghai. We are following the yellow flag, but without that, who knows if we ever could have escaped!

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I would totally love it there. Shopping in Asia rules, plain and simple.
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