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Universal design benefits Videos

The benefits of having good universal design

To bring awareness of the benefits of good universal design, that is often overlooked public in the bustling city of Singapore.

Universal Design Benefits


Universal Design for Learning created by Rachel Odland

This movie explores the three components of UDL, the benefits for students, and how technology can enhance UDL.

User Comments

Rachel, I am getting my master's degree in education, and this video was extremely helpful in explaining UDL and assisting my own presentation on UDL. I have given proper referencing credit of course. It is not only informative and motivating, but alot of fun. I recommend changing "Enstein" to "Einstein" if you can. Thank you again. Chris.
Thank you for this video. I have been using universal design for some time in class and for my videos. One of the most challenging things is finding the best way to include captioning for videos. I recommend providing your transcript (and image descriptions) below the video.
This is a great concept. I wish that it was utilized when my son was growing up. He has ADHD.

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Universal Design for Learning

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