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Universal design employment Videos

Robin Christopherson

Robin Christopherson, Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, tells how good universal design has a positive impact on mobility, education and employment ...

Lance Hidy on Universal Design at North Essex Community College

Graphic Design

Graphic designers combine artistic ability with technical knowledge to create designs used in print and electronic media. First-year courses introduce students to ...

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good information
Easy and quickly graphic designer software//bit.ly/1cUqBlh

Company Limits Employee Bathroom Time

Union workers for a Chicago faucet-maker filed a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board accusing their employer of limiting them to 6 minutes a day for ...

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Is it so impossible to believe that a group of employees could be taking advantage of bathroom break timing?
Of course some are but which ones? And why should everyone then suffer?
What about if you're on your period, do they want me to bleed everywhere. 
You're not supposed to be around other people during that time anyway. According to these kind of people.
This is a very interesting story, and it makes me wonder why a lot of Americans say that everyone wants to live in the USA, millions or billions of people from all over the world would do anything so they can live and WORK in the USA.I have never met anyone who wants to leave the EU and go live and WORK in the USA.So why do some Americans believe that the rest of the world is waiting to INVADE and take the jobs, when you can get the same working conditions in any African country?
Some Americans simply have an outdated conception of how the US compares to the rest of the world.  However, some Europeans tend to exaggerate the differences between the US and Europe.  
I'm American and trust me, the more informed individuals here would like to be anywhere but in this crater.
Kyle is a good Marxist in training. 
And you sir are already a professional idiot. Good day!!!!
The entire weakness of Marxism is that it didn't predict that unions would rise up to keep workers from forming the dictatorship of the proletariat, you uneducated conservative twat.  Being pro-union is not "Marxism", which you idiots use as shorthand for "bad".
Yo Kyle. As an employee that sees an abuse of the bathroom. I get where they are coming from. I've even had a coworker say "theres nothing like getting paid on the toilet" It starts with "wheres John?" the bathroom, oh ok. nothing of it. then it is noticed twice a day, and then you notice how long they are gone. The thing that bugs me is I have colitis, if ANYONE should need the bathroom breaks its someone with my diagnosis or something similar but theres jackasses that abuse it and make it tough for the rest of us. The company has overstepped their boundaries and are flirting with the americans with disabilities act, but there are a lot of shitheads out there that need to grow up and plan their shit off the clock.
+jerico641 Yea,Assholes ruin abuse the simple idea of going to the bathroom, and ruin it for the rest. 
Do you have any idea what you're saying?  PLEASE read it back to yourself, will you?

How to Find Jobs for Disabled Workers

//disaboomjobs.com - Disaboom is THE best place to check out jobs for people with disabilities. ||| Watch "The Jim Stroud Show" for more jobhunting tips and ...

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thamnk u for posting this video, i am disabled and this really helped thanks so much !
I am also handi capped thanks to such videos to improve will power 
Job Position Open.. Are You Interested? //tiny.cc/d4hykx
Is disaboom jobs dot com not working anylonger?
You are very welcome. ;-)

World Disability Union General Assembly October 22-23, 2011

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Mister Crawford. Fantastic video. Indeed the WDU general Assembly was a historic event and your video captures the scene very well. Kind regards Anthony Illis

Abdelilah Elomari. Speech at the Creative Business Cup International Finals in Denmark 2014

Origami Concept is an industrial design agency looking for a harmony between freedom of form and technical requirement. Founded in 2011, it is firmly ...

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Respect Abdelilah Elomari
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