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Universal design grand challenge Videos

Grand Prix Builder - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

Grand Prix Builder by Kevin Bertman Grand Prix Builder puts you in charge of creating the race track. Use this to your advantage and create a track to suit your ...

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Reminds me of the ForeverDrive mechanic. Not a fan of letting the car drive itself though. Balancing car to track is one thing. Putting Susie Psycho behind the wheel is another thing altogether.
ur track building skills sux. i downloaded dis app yesterday and build so many anesome tracks in practice mode(where u can build tracks freely)!
How practice made looks like?????????

DARPA Urban Challenge (2007)

Read more at //www.darpa.mil/grandchallenge/index.asp and //www.botjunkie.com/

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Well, firstly, they would then need to share all that data and create a 3D model. Which would a massive pile of information, and secondly, they're not suppose to be driving around with assistance from other robots. In the war, they want them to be able to drive by themselves. Simply handling their own problems is a lot more straight forward and smart.
the desert challenge is one thing. but the urban challenge is a whole different monster! imagine having to install every driving law into the vehicle comp. not to mention having to give the vehicle human like understanding of all driving situations so it can understand what it needs to do in any given circumstances!
OK, most of the cars are ordinary. But who the hell tought: ˝Outonomus car a.. We need a huuuge truck.... wait. No we need something super fast, like the lotus elise˝
Can someone tell me why they are using expensive cars. Why don't they just use used cheap cars since accidents may occur why designing the technology?
Autonomous vehicles would be awesome. If my designated ever cheats his responsibility and gets drunk, I could just have my car drive itself home.
the cars are often donated by the companies, also the car itself is a small fraction of total vehicle cost anyway with all the equipment
Invent autonomous ground vehicles, so American men and women in uniform can... invade and occupy foreign countries without danger.
the red bull vw always wins!! maybe the other car-bots should try some redbull when they start a challenge!!!
Teramax is my favorite!!! it is BADASS!!! but has never really done great! but still looks cool!
SERIOUSLY?!?!?! KNIGHT RIDER? i would sue just for putting that name on such a p.o.s. car!!!
And today on the news, Google is testing self-driving cars on city streets. (Seriously)
@firemarshall007 I don't think so. They have their own team of engineers.
can anyone tell me what kind of rotary encoders are used ?
and this was 2 years ago, moore's law come to mind
15:40 - 16:00 What's the music? Anyone?
14:38) just like a true female driver!!
I forgot to rescue the Darpa Chief!
cool but look at 01:00 FAIL :DD:
you gotta love this stuf!
noooooo! XD gooood CPU?
put that in a tank

WHO mother baby mCheck Grand Challenge project

Saving Lives at Birth "Grand Challenges" Finalist, 28 July. Should you like the video or the project feel free to go the Grand Challenges website link below and ...

History of Racing Games

The History of Racing Games! Welcome to part 1 of my 2 part series covering the history of racing video games. Titles covered in this video: 1973- Space Race ...

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Wow dude, just wow! You kicked some big "gaming history" channels ass quite nicely here! The amount of research and footage is truly amazing, subbed without a doubt and waiting for more great content, specially the rise of the modern racing sims! I can still remember my mind blown as a child the first time i played Hang On, my body weight almost wasnt enough to bank the bike to the sides, lol but that impression never left my mind and is a big reason why im a racing simmer today, my first Tommy Racing and when my dad bought Super Monaco GP which we spent days in front of the TV contributed too. Cheers dude, cheers!
+Caio Branco Thanks dude! Funnily enough after I finished this video I decided to play through Super Monaco GP! I think I spent HUNDREDS of hours playing it as a kid!
Good job! Hope to see more amazing content in the future!!
+Chase Brewer Thanks mate!
Great job Rob!! Brings back memories. I'm old enough to remember some of the 70's arcade racers tho' I wasn't old enough to play them. Revs on the BBC Model B was my first racing sim back in the mid-80's and I loved anything by Geoff Crammond. I was a big F1 fan in the 80's/90's and played Microprose Grand Prix on the Amiga to death (with a joystick!!) in the early 90's at Uni.. Looking forward to Part 2. Suggestion for a future vid: Geoff Crammond Special :-)
+RTR - Banger Thanks mate! Glad you enjoyed it! I really need to play REVS and some of these other classics. Think it's time to try some emulators!
Awesome video man!
+Sun Levi Thanks dude!
omg you uploaded a video!!!
+Rubens exotics Trying to decide what to make videos on is the hardest part :P

Duet Game [Let's Play] (IOS / Android / Steam)

Mr. A & Mrs. Y play Duet Game --» Follow Us! Twitter » https://twitter.com/MrAvsMrsY Facebook ...

THE ARCHIELUXURY CHALLENGE - Design a Watch Collection with a Budget of US$25,000-

THE ARCHIELUXURY CHALLENGE - Design a Watch Collection with a Budget of US$25000- Please either post in the comments or email me directly at:- ...

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Patek Philippe Calatrava 96 $7500 //www.chrono24.com/en/patekphilippe/96-vintage-calatrava-yellow-gold--id1998413.htm?dosearch=true&query=patek+96&resultview=list&searchexplain=1&sortorder=1&suchen=Search&dosearch=true&urlSubpath=/search/index.htm Jaeger LeCoultre "Reverso Grande Taille" $4590 //www.capetownstore.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=DB&Product_Code=CT30353&Category_Code=Jaeger-C Rolex Explorer 1016 (1966) $6500 //www.chrono24.com/en/rolex/explorer-i-ref-1016-circa-1966--id2632933.htm?dosearch=true&goal_suggest=1&query=rolex+1016&resultview=list&searchexplain=1&sortorder=1&dosearch=true&urlSubpath=/search/index.htm Universal Genève tricompax $6,159 //www.chrono24.com/en/universalgenve/tri-compax-22258--id2200715.htm?dosearch=true&goal_suggest=1&query=universal+genève+tricompax&resultview=list&searchexplain=1&sortorder=1&dosearch=true&urlSubpath=/search/index.htm Total left over $251
Let me explain this selection a bit.  The PP model 96 is one of, if not the most iconic Pateks ever made.  Though it's a bit small in today's standards, I think the 96 deserves a place in any true watch enthusiasts collection.The Reverso Grande Taille is a great example of the modern day reverso.  Large enough to be modern, yet smaller than the Grande.  A true "happy medium" and a great bargain.The Rolex Explorer 1016 is one of the coolest Rolexes of all time. Thats what Rolexes are supposed to be.  If you are a true collector and own a Rolex, it needs to have some pizazz!  If its cool enough for Ian Fleming, it's cool enough for anyone.Last is the Tricompax.  Today you may think of Universal Geneve as a lower echelon company, but back in their heyday UG was owned by the Stern family, that now run Patek.  These old tricompaxs from the 1940-50s are great bargains.  Also they are very complicated for the time, being a triple-date moonphase chronos.  The tricompax really is a watch that tells the true enthusiasts that you know your timepieces, and you know where to spend your money at!You can buy yourself a decent bottle of macallan 18 with the $251 you saved.
Archie Stop Taking Ivan Vanities Ideas ! you took the EDC idea and now This Investment Video ! How Dare You
My questions is completely different..... I am asking what WRIST WATCHES you would buy..... Ivan Vanity is asking what to do - this is more like starting a business......
+STNT STNT you can have the rest of them.  ive finally got a "first".  now I can stop watching archieluxury...just kidding.
No, that is me...first
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