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Universal design writing center Videos

Chloie - writing her speech with UDL tools

Chloie shows how tools like Solo6 that are part of a universal design for learning model in her school, help her write a speech.

Small Group Facilitation Workshop Overview

Created for Gavilan College Writing Center's Small Group Facilitation Workshop at the Northern California Writing Centers Association conference on Saturday, ...

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Barbara, This is such a clear and succinct overview of the response group process. It can be a useful tool for teachers to share with students as well as tutors in training.

Manuscript Format

Free and Low-cost Strategies to Improve Reading and Writing - Webinar

This webinar will introduce a variety of free (or nearly free) tools that educators can immediately implement to help students achieve reading and writing goals.

TNNS - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

TNNS by Rabbx Inc. TNNS (pronounced "Tennis") is a game about bouncing and bending balls. It's a game about keeping your eyes on balls. Sometimes there ...

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@Actionbuttonvideo Went back and rewatched. What I called choppy was the screen vibration on hit. I guess it's supposed to give the feeling of power to the shots. What it does to me is, for the briefest moment, is take my eye off the ball. The exact opposite of encouraging accuracy. Didn't notice the sticky paddle. Nice feature. Overall it's not a bad game as paddle ball games go. However, for a worn genre there's nothing here that stands out as fresh and hence I saw vibration. But...(cont)
are you talking about the way the screen pauses every time the ball touches the paddle? that's actually Game Design! this game is designed so that there is literally no limit to the number of balls a skilled player can have on the screen. the "choppy animation" is what fighting game players call a "hit pause": the screen freeze-frames for an instant to allow the player to assess the position of other targets. the player in this video, however, has No Skills, so it looks not very impressive.
Hi everyone! I designed this game, so please hear me out: the person playing in this video -- who probably has to play dozens of games a day! -- is Not Playing Very Well At All. It's not my fault! The player here is making two big mistakes: he's sliding his finger to move the paddle, and he's not bending his shots. First: you don't need to slide. You can just tap on the baseline. Second: bending is The Biggest Thing. You can bend the ball post-hit, and control its path very precisely!
@Actionbuttonvideo TGP - no skills? Producing as much content as he does tends to develop mad skills. Users do what users do and if that isn't what the Dev intends then the vision isn't being communicated completely. You got an app onto the AppStore. No mean feat. Take what you learn and make an even better product. Don't be deterred by what I say. Indeed work to improve it or, if it is your wont, redouble your efforts on your next project. Cheers and keep trying -The OFAP.
Choppy animation

In+Care Campaign

Impact Marketing + Communications worked with the National Quality Center (NQC), a renowned quality improvement agency, for the in+care Campaign. Impact ...
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