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How to verify xgd3 games Videos

How To Stealth Patch XGD3 Games With ABGX360

ABGX360 1.0.6: //www.mediafire.com/?eirx1cng6hmcrv0 tags: how to patch xgd3 games ixtreme 3.0 patch xdg3 games with abgx 360.

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I run Fifa 15 through abgx360 and i get a autofix failed, stealth unverified, i went to properties and read only was unticked can some help me
+Bloodz it is for me also bro :(


After doing this if you're still having problems reading the games, make sure you're burning 100% with an iHas Liteon drive and experiment with different ...

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@miro9963 I hope so, hopefully by then I'll have my iHas ;)
@xXBullFanXx doesn't work for everyone.

How to check if your xbox 360 backup games have SplitVid (for iXtreme LT)

How To Flash iHas B Drive For Burning XGD3 Games

Like Please! This Is How To Flash one of the new drives that supports c4evas new firmware for burning XGD3 games. All Files And Instructions: ...

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I'm having trouble flashing my ATAPI iHAS424 b GL1B with the Burner Max. I'm using a DELL Inspiron 1240 and have the drive in a SABRENT 5.25" Enclosure w/ USB 2.0 SATA. I'm able to read the current flash iHAS424 B GL1B 2011/09/19 13:28 and save it, but when I try to flash iHAS-424B-GL1A-MKM001MKM003-final.bin. I get the "ERROR WRITNG FLASH TO DRIVE". I see the file is for a GL1A and I have a GL1B. Am I doing something wrong or is there an updated flash I'm not aware of?
Wow! many thanks for this video and the link to the files! the pdf itself is self-explanatory. but what i like in the video is your commentary - nice and slow, fully audible and every word is so clear. THIS is how commentaries should be in tutorial-videos! Thanks again.
Great video!! Here is what I'm looking to know: Is there any special setting to be able to burn Philips Double Layers?, same like you do Verbatim and Memorex. Please let me know if anything we can use.
Can i do this for driver in laptop ? I have philips DS8A8SH in my lenovo y582 and i have also HP probook 4515s with TS-L633N. And i have external SAMSUNG TSSTCorp SE-208AB ? Thanks for response.
I have a question, will i be able to connect an iHAS324b drive to a laptop if i have a molex to wall port (to power the drive), and a SATA to usb converter (to connect it to the laptop)?
how do you hook up your dvd drive to flash? do you need x360usb or can you just manually install (with drivers) like any other dvd/cd drive and then flash the firmware?
need help i have the same drive like you , i updated the eeprom file GL0B and the drive and keeps giving error writing flash??? what am i doing wrong here???
ok quick question.. once i've done all this and burned a game with this drive, are there still chances of my xbox getting banned if i play online?
Great tutorial!!! Worked perfectly and I was burning XGD3 in 10 minutes. Alot easier to follow this than some other tutorial... Great work!!!
Where can i buy this EXACT drive. link?? I have a flashed xenon flashed by maximus 360 lizard if that matters. PLZ reply i will like and sub
Careful with ebay i just get a drive from there supost to be pre flash ,but mine come no flash so i ending flashing it my self
bro i have a blu ray drive and i rekon its pretty good so do you think will i be able to flash this drive with this firmware?
So, apart from flashing my xbox 360 console lite-on drive, I also have to flash my iHas B drive to make it burn xbg3 100%?

How To Flash iHas B Drive For Burning XGD3 Games - Memorex Discs

How To Flash The iHas B Series Drives For Burning To Memorex Discs Download: //www.mediafire.com/?6n4ap49qh9fhw8g.

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OK I did the flash to upgrade the firm ware then did you said in order, I back up the old and installed the new .then I went to the DVD flash and choose memorex and stated my burns.so far 6 have failed, I ran the games through abgx the all passed...so what can be wrong I have been burning for a while so I know what I am doing. I bought the DVD burner iHas 434 b 4 days ago...I did burn one game on a memorex disc MW4 4 gig and that went well but AC3 and BOPS2 all fail
when i tried using memorex disc i got the followin message i/o error ! device [0:0:0} ATAPI iHas324 B AL1B (E:) (usb) scsistatus: 0x02 interpretation: Check condition cdb: 28 00 00 20 3b e0 00 00 01 00 interpretation: read (10) - sector: 2112480 sense area: 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 0a 00 00 00 00 11 05 00 00 00 00 interpretation: L-EC Uncorrectable error tried writing at 4x all the way down to 1x... always gettin this at 49%...
So I seen your tutorial ok but once you flash your drive doing everything from your video, how do I burn the game? Do I use IMGBURN and leave the write settings at calculate optimal and will it just burn once I click start without the option for TRUNCATE popping up since I flashed my drive? Or do I have to use the Program C4EVA released to Burn the games ?
Hey have you ever had a problem with disk burning 100% reading on dashboard but booting to black screen only happen too six disk in a row for me all memorex i look all over then net and i see this is not a new problam but only thing i see is memorex have such a low burn rate is this true? Also i have Ihas524b with memorex fw installed please help me.
yo thnx man i used this and first burn turned out to be a coaster so i search on internet for about half an hr and changed img burn settings and cleard my drives eeprom i turned on smart burn and layerbreak is calculate optimal and preform opc on smart burn on and didnt bother with the rest burned great thnx again man
iTzYashaBaby thanks for a very helpful TUTORIAL!! Can u just 100% confirm before i flash my drive with this memorex accepting firmware,... In worse case scenario if memorex still wudnt work for me will all my genuine VERBATIMS still going to record as well as before? had u spot any difference? Cheers for answering.
@lDeathMetal the hitachi drives are always iffy.. they dont have 3.0 and there shitty drives.. in honesty all i can recomend is you use the regular firmware for burning games and use verbatim discs.. if that doesnt work its most likley a too outdated drive.. i dont have any hitachis so i cant help much
@daz0128 turn on smart burn force hyper turning and online hyper turning. its just a verify error as long as your game burns youll be fine the game fails verification at 49% cuz of the layer break.. your game will be fine.. try those settings it should fix it
wait sorry this is such a late question i hope you still answer but so if it fails at 49% i can still play online? im a little scared because my error code on xbox said i need to be "CAUtious" and if a game isnt 100% burned then i could loose my xbox :(
If I use this firmware/tutorial to flash my iHas drive with this memorex firmware, will I get good kprobe results after burning? or will it just stay high? If it just stays high i'll just go and get some verbatim discs.
@iTzYashaBaby thanks that worked like a charm..... i searched all over the web and no one told me to do that.... simple solution from them was buy verbatims.... but this worked on my memorex thanks u so much....
hey i burn my gears 3 with your setting for IMG Burn and i play it but a error message comes up saying disk is unreadable. i try a bunch of times with many disks. but it still happens please i need help
dude this is for a burner that burns ur DVD files (for example GTA IV) so you can play them 100% w/o getting caught on Xbox Live bro. If you use regular burners chances are you will get banned/flagged.

How to rip your XGD3 games using XBC & 0800 firmware

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@kamenriderpsp i have two xbox's one flashed and one standard. If i used the flashed one to power the drive and then played games on the flashed console using the hard drive from the standard, would the log be copied to the hard drive or would it remain on the xbox?
If that's true, then I am very much screwed (assuming Microsoft cares) I've used the same Xbox to power my DVD drive every time I've updated firmware and I haven't had an issue...yet...
i keep getting media not present in XBC 2.9. im using a LITE-ON flashed with 0800 any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated
yes you can but its not recommded because apparently the xbox logs each time it powers on without a drive connected.
Can you rip these games with WxRipper and the paper clip ting ? or do you need a xbox dvd drive ?
does your driver stop anytime doring this process b/c mine does? Im using my xbox to power it
How i can flash my XBOX 360 Slim ?Now i have custom disk drive frimware and 2.0.12625.0.
shit i over writed my xbox 360 key adn know i cant play games help!!!
@ANNOYINGGAM3RZ no its not safe online until LT+3.0 is out.
could i use an xbox to power the drive to do this
@Pyrasius30000 you install the custom drivers
how does the computer recognize your drive?
@videomasters2468 get an old rrod console

How to Burn Xbox 360 Games XGD3 using ImgBurn + ABGX

Tutorial on how to burn Xbox 360 XGD3 games using iHas 224B quick guide with short run down of all settings etc. iXtreme Burner MAX: ...

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I just bought an iHas124-04B preflashed with iXtreme's BurnerMax firmware. Is there anything else I'm supposed to do to my laptop PC's settings or configurations after I've connected with the SATA to USB adapter? I'm using MK-001 Verbatims with the latest ImgBurn release. I run the .iso through ABGX360 before burning. But all I get are coasters. No success yet. My Xbox has a BenQ drive flashed with LT+3.0, latest dash and plays all of my other games fine with no problems.
yes you have to flash your xbox as well. Originally people only had to flash their xbox and then they could burn games. Microsoft however caught on and then updated their games to XGD3, which doesn't burn properly. This tutorial is for how to burn those xgd3 games
Do these settings pass kprobe/nero scores? I've wasted 9 verbs with different settings. I bought my ihas 324b preflashed so I don't have the stock firmware to restore then reflash. Any ideas on how to reflash my drive to maybe rectify this issue? Thanks!
This method is to fully stealth patch your games. There hasn't been many bans at all all Microsoft seem to do is remove the Modified firmware on your drive during a system update, but i'm not guarantee-ING you won't get a ban.
if you're buying a pr-flashed drive then that means someone already flashed it to burn xgd3 for you, and so you won't have to deal with updating the drives firmware or flashing it yourself
@Yoel Garcia got mine on ebay, cost me 40 euro second hand, you flash it with a custom firmwade easy to do, and yes it is safer than using a normal burner anyway
get your hands on a iHas DVD Burner got one this morning and that is not a problem anymore burns all the disk and no "failed to verifiy disk" errors anymore :)
could you tell me what do you use to download xbox 360 games because i couldn't find any site that i can download with my full speed thanks
I have sony dvd+r dl and it says 2.4x does that means tha i should burn it in 2.4x speed or that doesnt matter? can i burn it in 4x speed?
Does this work for the iHAS 124B aswell? And are you sure you should enable overspeed, because I saw another guy saying you shouldn't.
what the hell is this shit about buying a special drive? might as well use the regular tuts for any drive
WAIT IM USING SLIMTYPE dvd driver and its shows me that you can't burn games on slimtype drivers plz help
I'm looking at the DVD Drive, and what does it mean when it says it's preflashed?

How to burn XGD3 Games with Imgburn (LT 2.0)

Me showing you how to burn XGD3 games to dvd with imgburn Want free stuff like free xbox live? In 30mins i got 12 months. Visit here and see for yourself ...

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@stefan1991ish Well if your on LT 2.0 then its best to run every game through abgx360 first. Make sure you go to options and untick verify is stealth passes before running an iso through it. If i game shows something in red writing saying "12 topology sectors data found" then its an LT 3.0 iso and you need to use the tutorial to patch it. After patching it run it in abgx again and in red writing it should say "12 topology sectors data not found" This means its patched for LT 2.0.
hello guys...i open the dvd file...then i click burn to disc...1 warning (write until end of disc (truncate))...then i have a second warning that says : "set LO data zone capacity failed" reason : invalid field in cdb...and i have 3 options 1. cancel 2. try again 3. continue...i have choose the first time the 3 option...the dvd has burn but is unsupported disc...any help???
Try doing a little bit more research before you talk shit, if you kindly head over to xbox360iso you will see some laptop burners do burn XGD3 games. The Laptop i use is HP Compaq 6735s. I have no Desktop computer or external usb drive, and tell me, how would i make money of this? I don't even have ads in my video lol. If your gonna troll then do it somewhere else noob
@pablosux1 This tutorial is for LT 2.0 so its a little different. If your on LT3.0 i would advise you search for a LT 3.0 tutorial. You prob won't need the equipment anymore for a while but you never know, you might need it to reflash a future stupid microsoft update or something, also its good to have as you can always flash another xbox :D
I'm having trouble burning games too, I've wiped out my blank disc supply.I ran gow3 through abgx and am burning it with my last disc,hope it works this time.I'm not sure if I have 2.0 or 3.0 because my homie that flashed it was smoking Hash lol & I was drinking 8P do I need that damn ihas burner? Great music selection by the way!
@pablosux1 Well first off you really need to find out if your xbox is flashed to LT 2.0 or LT 3.0. Otherwise burning games will be a hit or miss and you could end up getting flagged for a ban. It really depends on your laptop burner wether you need ihas or not. My laptop burner has worked perfectly for every game i've burned.
great video. I have not yet tried this method but I just updated to the new verion of imgburn. my question is how this is going to effect the gameplay if you truncate the disc. does this just cut off the end of the game or is the quality still going to be the same. thanks to anyone who answers!
@TheRiseofAntichrist I finally figured out to flash my damn self! I got 3.0 but still don't know about burning the XGD3 games? I've been banned forever and don't play live anyways.1 more question, is this equipment I've purchased gonna be useless in the future? usb pro, ck mini, and probe.
hows it goin? great video but i get stuck right at the start.... i put a brand new DL vertamin 003 disc in my liteon ihas-b drive which is flashed with burner max and nothing happens? imgburn brings up a mesage at the bottom right sying DISC NOT EMPTY? any ideas as its driving me mad :-(
@punjabimundia I have already stated this at the very start of the video. Don't use this method if you play online, you WILL get banned eventually. There's other methods that are supposed to be xbox live safe, but you will need an iHas burner, google for tutorials. :D
@wantedlobster You need to be-careful with Forza 4, theres 2 versions of it. The earlier version had hidden files with stopeed your xbox playing xgd3 games, so i would test your other xgd3 backups and see if they work The newer version was patched and should work fine
hey man, i did it exacly as you, but when i try to play it tells me "the game requires an update, but the update couldn't be found" what should i do? i tried clearing cache, tried burning it in 4 diffrent methods and nothing i'm wating time and money on CD's
@TheRiseofAntichrist speed x4 ??? it must be x2 or x2.4 dosn't ? im now trying to burn COD MW3 XGD3 Can you plz help me ? and about lite on burner i have one but he don't read XGD3 games and i tryed to burn black ops and she didn't work plz repaly ....
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