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Eastfield college piano lessons Videos

Voice Lessons Riverside, CA @The Musik Planet, June 27, 2014 Recitals

Sarah plays "I See the Light" by Menken & Slater on Piano at Bethel Music Center's 2013 Recital

Bethel Music Center offers Piano Lessons for musicians in Danbury, CT. Like Us on Facebook: //www.facebook.com/BethelMusicCenter Follow Us on ...

Joel Michalchuk's Senior Voice Recital - Second Set

The Senior Voice Recital of Joel Michalchuk took place on December 6, 2013. Joel Michalchuk, baritone, along with Susan Hoffman, piano. Westminster Choir ...

Ravel Ondine

The Interpreters-A Recital Narrated by Piano, Voice and Multimedia- Concert werk, piano: Chang An-Ting Soprano: Wing Wing Lam Multimedia Design: Huang ...

Matthew P Lynch - A Dream Within A Dream

This is another song from my junior voice recital while I was at Texas State University, San Marcos. Juli Wood was my teacher and Dr Joey Martin is playing the ...

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what language were you speaking was it italian

Time Warp Tophands 2011 - "DON'T BE ASHAMED OF YOUR AGE"

The world of Western Swing music will dearly miss the steel guitarist and founder of Texas' own "Time Warp Tophands".... Mr. Tom (Wolf) Morrell. This is a bit of ...

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There's only one one cotton picking thang (forgive my strong language, please?) wrong with this video!!!! You have the Master himself on guitar, AND YOU NEVER ONCE GET A CLOSE UP OF HIS PLAYING???? The steel player is smoking! And is that an old (reissue?) L5 Badger is playing
The first time I heard Wolf and that "bunch", I called Larry Scott and asked him who in the devil was that!!! For he for SURE had what BOB HAD!!! Just listen to the "Uptown" cd Tom Morrell knew exactly how it was meant to sound, from A to Z! RIP Wolf!
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