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Cpu kernel temperature Videos

Kernel Tuner, CPU Temp, Temp Guard Free review (No Description.)

Droid hack help! "Temp-Monitor" App

I need help trying to find this kernel and how to install it or what i need to do in order to install it.. Thank all you droid fanatics. Its the "Tasmanians droid custom ...

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Ok well unlike these retards i will help you. tazmanian is the name of the guy who builds custom roms fro droid phones. now in order to find this i would just recomend looking up custom roms or something like that in youtube and you should find it within no time. i cant help to much because i just here his name alot because he must have bad ass roms but i hope this helped.
Search "1969 camaro background" on google images and its the second picture. Or should be.
where did u get that wallpaper from that car is so bad azz

SONY Xperia Z - CPU Throttle Temp (CPU Throttle Temp.)

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my lg g4 remains at 48 C while doing the same for 5mins

Raspberry Pi 3 power consumption at full load (lan, wifi, bt, cpu 100%, gpu)

I did quick test how much power draw Raspberry Pi 3 while being loaded with quiet few tasks :D: - downloading file over wifi/wlan0 (I had changed default route ...

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What CPU settings were used for this test? cpu speed/core speed/sdram speed/video core speed? Also, any heatsink?
default - no overclocking, no heatsink

franco.Kernel updater - APK Review

Visit: //apkreview.co/com-franco-kernel Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXVMaZLuJ31EPoc9ESw6inA?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: ...
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