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Cpu temperature macbook pro Videos

Change the CPU in a 1st Generation Mac Pro (Part 2)

Part 2 of my tutorial on how to swap your CPU on a 1st Gen Mac Pro. Ever wondered if you can get a couple more years of life out of your aging 1st Gen Mac Pro ...

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Worked like a charm only problem where can I find that app to check the temperature?
+RealGuild Google TEMPERATURE MONITER. It's outdated but it still works. I'm running OS X YOSEMITE 10.10.5 on my 2006 Mac Pro 1.1. I upgraded the firmware, video card and the cpu's... Temperature Monitor works very well for me...
Great video thanks. I have exactly the same Mac pro 1,1 running Snow leopard 10.6.8. After the upgrade that you have shown, can I run Yosemite?
+Alan Guscott You absolutely can! :) You can go to Rudi Engelbrecht's blog and read his how-to. In the comment you will find the step-by-step process I followed to do just that. As a matter of fact I am writing this on the MacPro 2,1 running Yosemite.One caveat though! You will most likely need to upgrade your graphics card. The one I have is an ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB which works great (it is a flashed for mac one, not an original mac version... can check ebay for that). You can also mount beefier models than this one. I got a flashed 7850 on a friend's Mac Pro 1,1 and worked fine too.Here is the link to that page: //rudiengelbrecht.com/2014/06/12/installing-mavericks-on-an-unsupported-mac-pro/Caveat for mac pros 1,1 - 2,1 without a recent graphics card: Get at least an ATI 4870 or better card to ensure Core Graphics will be supported across applications that will be using it. Especially recommended for those planning to run programs such as Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro/X.1. Install Mavericks or Yosemite onto an HD while connected to a supported machine2. Download the custom boot.efi from one of the links below:- link 01 - link 02- link 03- link 04- link 053. Unzip the boot.zip file to get the boot.efi file4. Replace boot.efi on the disk, in the following locations: /usr/standalone/i386/boot.efi /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi5. Get your unsupported mac's board ID and model identifier by opening the terminal and typing  ioreg -p IODeviceTree -r -n / -d 1   6 Edit the PlatformSupport.plist file located in System/Library/CoreServices/ by adding your board-id and model identifier in the appropriate places.7. Now you can place your HD in your unsupported mac and enjoy the latest version of OS X! :)Side note: Apple made the lame move to not support 32-bit based Macs. That's lame in more ways one could count since not only when it was in their interest Apple supported not just older architecture but a completely different processor (the older IBM PowerPC), but they supported 2 completely different OSes (Mac OS 9 and 10). Instead of releasing an unsupported boot.efi allowing 32bit macs to run the latest 64-bit OS X releases, without guaranteeing or offering support (which is what happens when you do the install I linked above) Apple didn't give such option to its customers with older machines, but they rather chose to give them the middle finger telling them to basically "though luck!" (to put it mildly). So either you got stuck with a mac that could only run an older (and now becoming unsupported on many new programs and updates!) or you will be left out in the cold. Thanks heavens there was a superawesome programmer who modded the boot.efi allowing to install more recent OS X version on those machine totally saving the day for me! And hopefully will be the same for you and many more with older totally usable and still powerful Mac Pro (as well as other 32-bit based older Macs)! :)
+Alan Guscott No problem!
Thanks a lot Joseph. You've been a big help.
+Alan Guscott I never hear that before.But you could do it yourself but if you have no computer experience I suggest buying one.An like you said people said you could send them your HDD an they will send it back with correct boot files,I personally wouldn't trust that.Plus if you buy one you could copy it to another HDD an format that drive then you have an extra HDD you could use.
+Joseph Folk Thanks for that. I've heard that some sellers on ebay will accept your hard drive, install yosemite, then send it back. Would that also mod the boot files? Sorry, I've been a PC too long!
You will need to mod the boot files.I suggest you buy a hard drive on eBay that has El Capitan or Yosemite pre installed on it.
thanx a million i've have done exactly what u said & it works pecfectly MacPro 1.1 xeon x5365 x 2 radeon 6870 - Yosemite - GeekBench 11790 (was 6201) it's old news, but u rock !!
Hi Timothy the firmware is here - on the very first postbut to see it, u have to be registeredonce u have the firmware, it s very easy u just have to click to "make believe" you have a 2.1not satisfied ? just click the button "back to 1.1 "//forum.netkas.org/index.php?PHPSESSID=aek7dk3vnbml274lvi3nb4i596cqrt7o&topic=1094.msg6585to upgrade the cpu see the videos (1 & 2) make sure u have this Torkx screwdriver & a lot of patienceif i did it u can do it
+davidAll5 Did you have to upgrade the firmware? Could you send me a link to how to do that. Im looking to do this upgrade soon. Thanks
my cpu has a broken clip.. there are this black cables that are number 1/2/3 and one that is label BT the boken one is number 2 how i replace it?
oh ok thanks
+Bomb_Star You don'tThat MacPro model was a model where you could switch GPU, RAM, Hard drives and optical drives.CPUs, power supply, fans and heat sinks weren't upgradeable by any other way than taking your MacPro to Apple repair store and let them do the work.

2016 Apple iPad Pro 9.7" - Overview and New Features

Apple iPad Pro 9.7-Inch 32GB Wi-Fi Space Gray - MLMN2LL/A ...

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does it have USB sockets
+RockRiffer No, it uses Apple's Lightning connector.

Retina Macbook Pro Stress Test (Asymmetrical Fan Challenge)

//www.facebook.com/ayegear - win a Gadget/Travel jacket! //www.ayegear.com Will be undertaking STRESS tests on the new Retina Macbook Pro 15" ...

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These temperatures have always made me VERY uncomfortable. On my desktops, I get nervous when my temps are over 60C and if they got to 100C, I'd shut the system down. But it's a common occurrence for my CPU to reach 100c or higher when I'm doing heavy processing on my 2012 macbook pro w/15" retina display. The keyboard gets so hot that it's uncomfortable to type on for very long. I keep the fans clean, blowing it out with air and disassembling it to clean it out when the temps start creeping up, but nothing seems to stop it from going over 100C when it does heavy processing. This has caused me to basically keep my macbook as a web browser only...a $2000+ chromebook, that's what I have here. These magic fans are basically useless. I guess I could actually USE my macbook pro if I worked inside a refrigerated truck, or put it inside my freezer. Other than that, it's useless. Thanks Apple.
no im not way off, i had the top 27 inch mac for about 3 months, it ran battlefield 3 maxed at 10 to 20 fps at max, and if your talking about final cut suite or converting codecs, a windows computer would outperform, for a shit tone less money. im not a fanboy by any means, i dealt with Macintosh for 6 years, but when the 27 inch mac failed me at both video editing and the introduction of fcpx, i decided to switch to windows, a very good swap, got an i7 980 12 core, with a 580 for same price.
Wondering if you'd be willing/able to show some long time stress test temperatures? VERY interested in switching from desktop to MacBook Pro Retina as my only computer, but am worried about the temperatures under very stressful video renders and Cinema 4D renders (Which can last hours to days). So a test of stressing the CPU for a 15-20 minute time range, resulting in fans at max speed and achieving a constant CPU temp under full load with max fan speed. I would love it, thanks!!
why? its a mac for starters, and not to mention its a laptop, at 1920 by 1080 it wouldnt even run properly, probably get about 5 to 10 fps at max. get a pc for gaming, editing and all multimedia processes, get a mac for home/internet use or if you need a professional server setup. i mean for starters look at the temps of the cpu, 100 degrees C, thats a joke, performance would be effected so badly.
Don't know about MacBook pro because I don't have one but it's significantly better than the old MacBooks fan. When this laptop was at its loudest when it opened up every application or when it opened up 32gbs of video that was the loudness I get just by running photoshop, iTunes, spotify and Firefox.
Whoever want EPP Member discount just let me know. I will send you the link. EPP member discount same as Student Discount. For base model of MacBook Pro Retina + 16gb Ram for only $2207. Don't buy at the store. Buy online to get 16gb Ram for the same price at in store (in store only 8gb Ram).
that's not such a bad idea :p Shaped like a fat envelope, you place the laptop inside it and it creates vacuum to suck all the dust and dirt out of it! Light, good design, it doesn't even look like a hoover, and it is completely silent* *requires installation of the latest itunes :)
I don't think its too much to ask to see a bit of gaming. Think your way off with 5-10 fps. As for multimedia editing etc this machine is more than capable of crunching through data in that department and would most likely outperform the equivalent Win 7 set up.
i got bad experience with my new retina macbook pro,photoshop and final cut doesnt run as fluid and lags a little,battery dies less than 4 hours on just surfing and little bit of photo editing,im gonna sell it on craighlist for $1,900 couse is the expensive kind
When this said stress test, my immediate thought was dropping it from somewhere high. Too bad that's the only way you can get the motherf*cker open. I think I'll pass on this one. If Apple keeps locking down their stuff this way, I'm going with Asus next.
call me stupid but why would you make a loss on a product in such demand (3-4 week wait on a rMBP) and why wouldn't you want your full money back directly from Apple as you are still in the refund period. Am I the only one who smells BS?
Can you please do a close up look at the retina display, more specifically I mean can you do a close-up look at websites as many people say ridiculously high resolution makes websites look bad.. I wanna see before I get one. Cheers :)
Geeze, Apple. Temperatures hitting 97 degrees and they don't ramp up the fans? They're sitting at 2900rpm at that point in the video. That's just unhealthy for the system. They really should ramp up to 5000 or more at that point. 
A Battlefield 3 demo would be interesting to see Zen, if you can get your hands on a copy. Interested to see how the 650m performance stacks up with that game. Not at full res of source maybe 1920 x 1080 or 1650x 1050? Cheers!
they aren't meant to be fashionable. The overall look is of a simplistic one. The pockets are hidden and its made to look as basic as possible so one doesn't know your carrying uber goods inside.
Any of the applications or browsers look really bad? I know some have said they need updating but is it deal breaker bad? Mainly worried about things like Photoshop and Microsoft Office.
could you do a proper stress test please? These test are all fine and good, but they don't stress the CPU out all the way, try "Prime95" it is a proper stress test for BOTH CPU and RAM
or they might bring back the optical drive opening on the right hand side to one meaty opening in which you can place a thin sucking device :D. Getting carried away here I think lol.
Who designs your jackets/gillets? Honestly, I see no fashionable appeal in them. Seeing as well most of your marketing has been targeted at Apple device users, fashion is paramount!
At 96,97 degrees, the CPU temperature of the macbook pro retina is a bit lower than that of the Macbook Pro. I hope that they release the 13 inch version asap cuz i wanna buy one.
Please answer, in your older video, you said that the 2011 MacBook air just doesn't get hot, what about the 2012, I'm talking about normal usage and YouTube video playback, thanks

Metro Last Light Macbook Pro Retina 2014 / Iris 5100 Graphic Benchmark

Metro Last Light on Macbook Pro Retina with Iris 5100 with FPS counter & Temp on Window 8.1 Pro Benchmark on 720p,1080p AA On/Off Texture ...

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Normal or Redux?
Thanks for letting me know.
+SamTheCrafter TC Normal

Abnormal CPU usage of Virus TI Snow (OS X)

There's no sound in this video. I just want to demonstrate what happens when Virus TI Snow is connected to the computer via USB. 0:00 - It's disconnected 0:09 ...

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do you have problems syncing the virus with the usb I have read lots of awful stories on this not working.
+Hi Low They will most likely never fix any issues.In the user forum they just ignore this specific issue://www.virus.info/forum/index.php/Thread/4408-OS-X-Midiserver-CPU-usage/?pageNo=1&s=67859835146228d4c510e236c60a267af5bf2839And there's so much more of course. Everyone is pissed off and they just keep making reissues of their hardware in different color variations.//www.synthtopia.com/content/2016/03/07/access-brings-back-virus-ti-darkstar/
+hallutsinatsioon thanks again. I'll hold off until maybe access fixes it or gives a SW option like on pro tools. As a stand alone you have to go audio out and use midi I was trying to keep it simple. Thanks I'll try the zebra in meantime
+Hi Low Not asap, but when needed. Just as I have 5-6 other midi controlled synths and lots of audio I/O going through firewire, it might cause problems with all the USB audio coming through Virus plugin.Haven't had any problems with losing any voices or polyphony with Virus at all. If there's anything wrong with Virus then the bottleneck is USB and its terrible drivers (which I also demonstrate with this video). As it can be also used standalone then it's all usable. If it had digital output spdif or ADAT it would be a great synth and using it's clumsy slow USB wouldn't be necessary.I am quite happy with the synth for creating atmospheric sounds, arpeggiated sounds and sometimes some lead sounds but usually it's the last one in the list to use. Analog is so much richer sounding.I could say that I have really strong love-hate relationship with this synth. I've almost sold it twice but changed my mind.
+hallutsinatsioon thx for writing back. So it sounds Ike you bounce to audio asap which helps syncing and not losing the part. Do you find yourself losing voices or polyphony with Snow. Are you happy with it or would go TI?Most I would use is two parts in a song. Not Snows 4
+Hi Low Sometimes. But when I bounce a track in Logic then before doing so I record Virus TI into audio tracks and then bounce. Sync problems occur more frequently when I change tempo with track automation. It is almost stable. Luckily Virus is not my only synth. Otherwise I'd be in deep trouble.

Cats funny cute compilation by smartrotv hot temperatures 2016

Games Test: MXGP 2 - Launch Trailer CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00GHz Video card(s): XFX Double D Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition 3GB (1Ghz ...
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