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Cpu temperature at 90 Videos

IC697CPX782 How To Troubleshoot GE Fanuc PLC Training Series 90-70 CPU

This video is a tutorial for training and troubleshooting purposes using the CPX782 and GE Proficy* Machine Edition Software. PDF Supply is capable of ...

EVGA P55 LE Motherboard

The EVGA P55 LE is built with the new Intel® P55 Express Chipset, supporting the Intel® Core™ i5 and Intel® Core™ i7 processors in the all new LGA1156 ...

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Haha Crap an poeple said I knew alot about Computers (which I've always know that I don't) but G wiz where do you learn all this Stuff? I know what a GPU is USB RAM etc but what the hell is a North Bridge and all that other stuff you were going on about? =)
lol dude chill i know motherboards and sound cards, i was just saying 8.1 cant be right (its just my ocd) btw i bet i could pwn you on brawl with a pikachu lol (i looked at your videos)
i mean wtf in the video it says 8.1 if you look lol 4:16 i know it would be 7.1 bc im not stupid
@watchme12311 sorry I ment to put one of those thingys inbetween the 2. USB, RAM =)
I'll pm you bc I don't want to talk over comments.
Ya, but there's a second PCI-E x16. No SLI sucks.
its 8 channel which is 7.1 = 7+1 1 is the the sub
who cares if you're 2nd, shut your mouth please
lmfao. Its called going to college/university.
Only Retards need SLI! Derrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!1one
'is that right?' You obviously didn't know...
Lol, have you seen how old those videos are?
normal people don't need sli
wats a usb ram
No Sli? wtf

EVGA P55 V SLI Motherboard

Designed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts, the EVGA P55 V SLI is built with the new Intel® P55 Express Chipset, supporting the Intel® Core™ i7 and Intel® Core™ ...

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I know OMG my life is over, but still why make a higher in board (Even if it is a low of the high end) that doesn't use solid state caps. they last 3 to 4 times longer than the crap caps they used on this, there a lot better for overclocking.
please please please can someone please help me i i have this exact motherboard but it dose not have the overclocking the overclocking part is locked is there a pin i have to move or something please help me.thanks
@akelaristera they say is should be out around March or April not to sure though, should be soon because they just released a new version on the P55 so X58 wont be to long behind it
@mrjamesb562 this motherboard cannot overclock. The BIOS doesn't allow it. In future bios updates it may, but currently it does not.
This board comes with a software that allows overclock???? he said that, its that true????
Hmm cant believe that EVGA would release another board that doesn't use solid state caps
I can't wait for Rampage 3 Extreme. Albert do you know when is going to be released?
EVGA are releasing a duel CPU board that will be very interresting.
has anyone been able to overclock this board?! If so please help.
sadly its not good if you wanna upgrade your gpu. like gtx760
@chrismon1001 I know how the fuck am i gonna sleep tonight
I'm planning on buying this for my new rig soon.
Good review. Crappy board. Gigabyte ftw

Zefeer CPU module working at +90°C

Samsung Galaxy S5: Performance Review, Benchmarks and Hardware test

Please watch: "Simultaneously using 2 SIM with SD Card in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge" → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpRaHpF3cNI ...

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That bad...
Thanks, i will try to improve
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