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Cpu temperature cfl Videos

You get what you pay for when it comes to CFL lighting

When buying replacement Compact-Fluorescent-Lightbulbs, stick with quality brands, such as GE or Sylvania. If you buy brands such as Great Value, the value ...

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I must speak for my self, but we have run them for 14 years and are very happy, with them we do not use the ones with a circuit board, we use the more expensive ones with a solid transformer make by FEIT we now buy the day light type with 5000 kelvin scale, and for 15 watts we get a lot of light.. Go Green, Go CFL.
GE, Phillips, Feit,  should last three to four years each. get Daylight color for maximum brightness.
1) Just by the Brand2) The weight, you can feel the differences big time. The FEIT brand has a 1 inch core transformer inside that makes it heavy.The China ones use transistors instead of a transformer.

Thermalright 120M CPU cooler on i7 3770k

Used on my i7 3770k has brought temperatures down by in excess of 30C and is so much quieter. I purchased it from novatech Produced and Edited by Peter ...

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How high are your temperatures now under heavy load? I'm thinking of upgrading from the stock cooler as well, because I'm also getting around 90°C when rendering videos or doing other demanding tasks.
They stay around 60C under high load, which is pretty amazing given the temperature under the desk!
Peter. Were you able to fit the CPU cooler without removing the motherboard? I ask because I think I have the same case and it looks well nigh impossible to fit two of the retaining screws for the base plate on the underside of the motherboard.
Oh goody. Yeah, Fractal cases are very good. Considering moving to mini itx because main boards are so cheap, so when I do I'll probs go Fractal
+MartinJG100Peter. Decided to go down the faff route and went for the True Spirit in the end and replaced the exhaust with a Noctua. Probably a bit quieter than the Thermalright fan but not much in it. Saw you were considering upgrading your case. The Fractal silent cases seem excellent value. All the best.
+Peter C I use the computer for music production so quiet operation is number one. I think the True Spirit is quieter and higher spec but the Arctic seems to do the basic job OK for now. Thanks for your help. 
+MartinJG100 Yep, I did look into the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro. The only reason I went for the one I did was because it was slightly cheaper at the time. Fitting a backplate can be an absolute faff and the arctic does just seem to use the clips that the stock one does to hold it in. The case is a Novatech thingy that cost around £30 if I recall.
+MartinJG100 Peter. Thanks for getting back. Did you consider any other coolers, the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro for instance which I believe does not require a backplate. Not sure I can face the performance of fiddling around. I am going to replace the red case fan while I am at it.
I had to remove the motherboard as the access panel did not permit access to the mount at the back of the board. 
Taking a pair of tin snips on that case fan grille and replacing it with a wire one will probably quieten it down a bit as well as more airflow! That's the first thing I do when I get a new case :)
+Peter CI'm using a Corsair Graphite 600T SE for my current (2011) build. I did a quick video tour on my channel ages ago if you want to check it out, called "Project Calcite". Plenty of space to hide all of the cables and plenty of room for fitting a few radiators.
That is correct-the front fan doesn;t contribute all that much and was making a fair bit of noise. Using a wire grilI would help things, but I'm considering getting a proper case as this one doesn't have cable management. Which case is your build in?

15,000 Volt Transformer and an AMD CPU

Back in 2000, we picked up a neon transformer for $15. We then went to town destroying virtually everything that was conductive. This is just a short clip (from ...

Deepcool GAMMAXX S40 CPU Cooler{four 6mm direct touch heatpipes,120mm PWM fan}266

Update on 2nd Grow Room

Remember I'm new to growing but always looking for "Good" advice so if you got some please help me out.. ...Just finished up the 2nd grow room for Flowering, ...

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@kbgrowkid420 Thanks..I cant wait for that Cole Train to hurry up and get done lol.I hope everything comes out right.
nice man... looks like its going to be 1 very nice set up.

Based on new light emitting diodes, cooler CPUs with IR radiation guides

Scientists recently noted a natural structure that causes light emitting diodes to emit 55 parts per 100 more light as a result of guided photon travel path, about ...

【Excelvan】Review Excelvan 680B LED Studio Video Light Touching Panel Adjustable 3200K-5600K

Product --//www.amazon.co.uk/Excelvan-Adjustable-3200K-5600K-Temperature-Camcorder/dp/B00SGTOB16 Excelvan 680B LED Studio Video Light ...

Thermally stressing capacitors with Projector lamp

Capacitors do not like high temperatures due to their liquid evaporating causing a sudden increase in internal pressure which can lead to explosion. Apologies ...

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The capacitor popping parts where the best lol Every time a cap went you just got a freight lol your hand just jumped every time haha :D Great video pal 
Awesome! I like your style of poppage
Lol they got hot hot hot!

Cooler LED Light Bulb Good for 37 Years

For more news and videos visit ☛ //english.ntdtv.com Follow us on Twitter ☛ //twitter.com/NTDTelevision Add us on Facebook ☛ //me.lt/9P8MUn ...

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The design is really, really great. Also love the idea that lighting products have enduring design. On the purchasing decision, how does one pick Dyson over one of the other lamps that cost maybe 1/2 to 1/4 as much in cost - like Humanscale, Steelcase, Lumiy, and Artemides. Damage, theft, and other things could reduce its usage life. Could we outfit all the offices with a Dyson given its higher cost? Or just use it selectively at the front desk, CEO office, and other high impact areas?
37 Years? Not if it is ROHS compliant it won't... Lead-Free solder grows microscopic whiskers from solder joints that eventually make their way to an adjacent circuit which causes a short that can render the product intermittent, or even kill it completely. The lead in traditional solder stops these tin whiskers from forming. ROHS ensures less reliable products with significantly shorter service life. 37 years, i doubt it... -jc
Too expensive but nice innovation. While it sound great on paper, there are tons of reason why a bulbs may break in 37 years... such as hitting the bulb by mistake... and if you are a renter, why would you want to buy such expensive bulb?
lol i understand why they would sell it for 850$ if it will last 37 years!!!!! its like that orbit gum commercial where people dont spit out the gum.
Lady, at least get the designers name right..
I want, but this is far too expensive.
$850.00 ummm
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