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Lxde cpu temperature Videos

Linux Mint 13 Maya SPEED TEST

Media: 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Sandisk Blade) R:18MB/s W:4MB/s ~really slow!~ Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 @3.0GHz RAM: 2x 2GB DDR3 1333MHz ...

Como Multiplicar la velocidad de tu PC x2

//aprendehackeando.blogspot.com.es/ En este tutorial voy a enseñar unos consejos para aumentar la velocidad del ordenador. "Windows XP (Operating ...

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Una pregunta que es mejor eset nod32 4 o avast free, como antivirus y para que no consuma mucho proceso de cpu.
te cuidado de no quitar procesos del sistema quita solo las tonterias que se inician con en sistema
yo tengo avast free por que no tiene muchos procesos (uno creo) ademas es de los 5 mejores
exelente video !!! like y fav.. lo prometido es deuda! un abrazo
esto me sirve xD like!

BeagleSNES on BeagleBone Black: HDMI Bug (Fixed!)

UPDATE: Patch hdmi/0005-Enable-output-of-correct-AVI-Infoframe-type-hdmi.patch fixes this issue! As BeagleSNES gets ported to BeagleBone Black, I've ...

GPU test for Ubuntu14.04 using Raspberry pi 2

more detail: //

Can Linux REALLY replace Windows?

In this video I take a look at whether or not Linux can REALLY replace Windows for the typical computer user. Hope you enjoy!

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Windows can't replace Linux. What can Windows do that Linux cannot? More privacy, better running programs (most of which are free and if not... low cost), better security etc... Solving problems on Windows is a headache. Solving problems on Linux is fun and always results in a greater depth of learning about the OS.
Looking forward to it :)
Thanks. I don't add videos too often like I used to. I'm trying to focus on pedal builds and design at the moment. I plan on adding a new video in a week or so when parts get here to finish my next build.
+CigarBGuitarefx You make some excellent points CigarBGuitarefx. Thanks for stopping by. As a guitar player, I love your name! Checking out your channel as we speak :)
my only concern is web development.
Is this guy going to go through every type of app to see what other apps are available? PLEASE. The bottom line for Linux is that it doesn't support Thunderbolt. Case closed, Have a nice day. Mac for me, Windows, only if I have to. and Linux only if I have lost my mind.
+Don't Call Me Lenny! Linux severely limits what you can do, there are some high end Professional products that work with Thunderbolt and using Linux simply can't be used, so from MY perspective, using Linux limits yourself to what types of professional grade products you can use.  
+Don't Call Me Lenny! No it doesn't .  Thunderbolt kicks USB's ass for large data transport.  The other thing is this.  I have one of my computers going to my stereo through USB from my computer and I can't use another USB drive on the same hub.  It's just a big no no, so my only other choice is Thunderbolt.  Now, I bought a RAID drive that has both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, and I ran disk speed tests comparing the two and Thunderbolt kicked the crap out of USB 3.0.  I know some drives don't have much of a speed difference, but depending on what you buy, there is a BIG difference.  The other factor is I have gone though one crappy USB drive after another and I'm just tired of USB drives unless that's what I'm given by someone else, but for my external drives that I have, Thunderbolt is the way to go and I'm not going back to USB.  USB is great for peripherals like stupid stuff, but for a professional grade data I/O??  Please, Thunderbolt kicks USB's ass, plus I can daisy chain many devices without any problems.I'm not limiting myself, I'm allowing myself to buy better products.  Sounds like you have some angst against the latest technology that's just gets better every couple of years and is always going to be better than USB for certain things.  it's a new standard.  I can't help it if the PC mfg were late to the Thunderbolt Party and Linux doesn't even show up.
+Oneness100 Why are you so dependent on Thunderbolt? That severely limits your options.
Is there an add on within Kodi for Hulu?
+danjal07 Not to my knowledge.
I have a big complaint about this video -- it didn't point out the many cases where linux cannot replace windows. For example, if you're a hardcore PC gamer, windows is your only choice. Similarly, there's a lot of proprietary software which only is supported on windows/mac, and some people require that for their job/whatever. Lastly, you didn't factor in a person's technical expertise, which is very important, depending on what they want to do in linux.
I agree that you did a good job of explaining cases where linux can replace windows, but I wish you had explained the cases where it can't. The way you explained it, it sounded more like a sales pitch than unbiased analysis.Here's a rant, mostly directed at the FOSS community: it makes me sick at the amount of religious zeal in the FOSS community at large. I guess you get a bit of that in any community, but linux is the worst offender I've seen (apart from actual religions). Many proponents seem unwilling to admit when FOSS alternatives aren't able to meet someone's needs (e.g. recommending gimp and inkscape to someone who uses photoshop and illustrator professionally). This is especially true within the GNU project, as is demonstrated by this chapter of the GNU Coding Standards: https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/html_node/References.html .Similarly, FOSS software packages will intentionally cripple themselves and hurt end users, in order to achieve free-software purity. This is why debian ships with iceweasel instead of firefox, and why you have to jump through hoops to install flash on ubuntu. Is it any wonder that Mint is the #1 distro right now?Apart from all that negativity, I appreciate that you took the time to make this video.
+odomobo As I said in the video, it's really a personal issue based upon your individual needs and wants. Some users can live quite nicely within Linux, others need Windows or Mac for a variety of reasons. Thanks for stopping by!
Helo all: As a linux user (and retired technician of some 50+ years exposure to technlogy)... 1) As you said, Linuix can do all the basic work that a windows system will do, but... 2) If you are interacting with others, they may hold a LOT of myths about Linux, and sometimes these can end up being used in a "small p politics" unfair and/or discriminatory manner. therefore in such cases you may need to have these myths dispelled in an authoritative manner to effectively oblige the naysayers to show reasonable true proactivity. Obviously this has nothing to do with Linux or windows, but about opportunity fairness in the most comprehensive sense. This os clearly a hot p[otato, but you need to nip it in the bud "before it catches fire!". Thois will also include establishing some basic group-wide obligatory awarenesses, but thst doesn't mean that Windows users (or others who may harbour Luddite attitudes) need to know all about Linux, but enough that they can do their jobs/roles and not impede others in the group from doing theirs. Example: If I create a spreadsheet in Libre Office, it will be in the open source .ODS format. Any user in Windows or Linux who has Libre Office downloaded and installed can deal with this, but even if they are working on a computer where they do not have the right to install anything, and receive such a file, they should message the creator to export/convert it to .XLS for them, rather than inanely whining about something that "doesn't work". As for importing & exporting/converting/transcoding any of these file formats, the file by file effecdtiveness will depend on the complexity of the contents of the individual file. Example: I create a spreadsheet in Libre Office and export it to .XLS: The basic text and sheets will export, and some of the formulae will export OK, but if it includes hyperlinks, vector graphics and other advanced elements, these may not export, or they may need cleaning up in Excel. If the group needs to work with files of this complexity, theywill need to install Libre Office with the appropriate add-ons for their job. When I am disrtributing to a large email list, I have another option: I can export to a Hybrid /.PDF, and sens all recipients the same file. The results: 1)If the user is on windows and does not have Libre office, they can read this in the traditonal way using the Adobe reader, howevfer they cannot edit it. 2) If they have Libre Office installed, they can load that .PDF into Libre Office and use, edit, and save it on their machine in the .ODS format, native to Libre Office. 3) Later the second user can reload the .ODS and do all the same, finally, if he/she wants, that user can either export it to .XLS (subject to the same caveats mentioned above) or, if they are set up with the appropriate feature to save as a hybrid .PDF, they can do that to their modified version. Thus the "price" of either is the learning time, not the dollar cost, but "He who wants to know nothing will HAVE noting!" That said, let's get our penguins on the march! (and if you have small kids at home, download Tux and print him out for them - he's CUTE! A child to young to have learned to read will LOVE the cute penguin, but as he/she gets older, this can be an early opener to a world of technology far beyond Looking at some windows!
+R. E. Bruce Martin Welcome aboard! Lots of good points there for discussion for sure. Thanks for stopping by!
Sink your gps, plug in your quad copter?
+Dixie Lough I hope at some point that will be possible. Thanks for stopping by Dixie!
what os is he using >??
+Bouhlal Abdessamad Arch Linux
+Bouhlal Abdessamad Arch Linux with MATE Desktop.


understanding Update Levels in Linux Mint 17.3

Levels 1 - 5, and their safety levels.

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Enjoyed !

How To Improve Computer Performance

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so u basically teached me how to delete files.. wow
thanks Gordon....
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