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Cpu temperature phenom ii Videos

Fallout4,Gta V, Battlefield 4 ULTRA FULLHD test, Phenom ii 1065t 6 core 3.6 ghz, MSI twin Frzr 7850

Max cpu temp while gaming only 36 degrees with hyper 212 evo. Max temp gpu 36 degrees also when 75% fan speed. Ultra cool budget gaming pc.

Phenom II X4 Review- Stock cooler Focus

I demonstrated the performance of a stock AMD cooler provided with the BOX processors sold by AMD. They are sufficient as noted by AMD. Most people dont ...

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sounds pretty good, im getting 55c under load on my 965 black and i have a 520 coolmaster cooler on it. im overclocked to 3.8ghz
i have same cpu in a sabertooth 990 fx. its a power house it acts weird when u clock it over 4ghz but the 3.7 is good enough.
I have the specs listed above, I have a Fatal1ty 990FX Professional Motherboard and a PowerCooler HD6970 Graphics Card.
What's a good mother boerd to use for this and video card thanks

( Game PC - i m build ar game pc for my mate

AMD Phenom II 955BE 4.75GHz Boot up on Air Cooling

CPU Cooling System: GELID GX-7 w/ GELID GC-Extreme 2x Phobya Nano-G12PLR Fan Home Temp: ~ 21℃ , 4Core Active.

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I have this cpu with a tx3 cooler overclocked to 3,7ghz!! But 4,75 its a beast!! Nice video :)
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