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Porsche Carrera GT im PZM

Porsche Carrera GT

DSF Challenge Cargraphic 997 GT RSC 3.6 vs. Motorflugzeug

powered by cargraphicTS www.cargraphicts.com DSF Challenge cargraphicTS Porsche 997 GT RSC 3.6 vs. Airplane.

EVO Magazine: Veyron, Enzo, Zonda, Carrera GT shoot it out

Wiesmann MF5 GT Sound

This was a stunning red Wiesmann MF-5spotted in monaco.In my opinion this is the best V10 sound with the Carrera GT,enjoy!

User Comments

why does everyone say that it has got a bmw v10 engine ? cuz i went to thier website and it says that it has the BMW v8 twin turbo engine ( 555 hp ) , or is this the 2011+ models since BMW has swapped their v10 engine for the new F10 v8 twin turbo engine ?!! plz educate me !
@3yar1983 this is the 2010 model fitted with the old v10 M5 engine,the new model incoming this year has the brand new 555hp V8
bellissima !!! e che sound... ( P.S. è spettacolare l'icona che si vede la twingo di lato ahah ) +1
one of the best looking car ever ,but my father own one and its very very dangerous in wet :((((
lovely car! in your discription you put ''white Wiemann MF-5'' but it isn't white is it :D
Really nice car. Love the retro look with modern BMW technique. Great video as always! +1
What sound? All I heard was just 1 revive. Good car though.
Sounds like a BMW M5, which is not really surprising me :P
Nice spot! I really want to see one..great vid.
The best engine they could possibly choose! :D
Da muß zuerst der Sound optimiert werden....
Nice video! And that V10 Sounds great!
Looks amazing! And a nice V10 sound!
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