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Suny albany nonprofit management Videos

Putting your history major to work

Robert Walker '99 earned an MBA at Vanderbilt and now researches investment opportunities for Chickasaw Capital Management.

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Thanks for posting. Can you get a research job in your company without an MBA?

Positive Pocket

Positive Pocket, created for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Video created and graciously donated by Michael Miller of Sell-Ware.

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P.S. She had math 2nd period and band 6th period so she couldnt have failed after this "incident"
Mr Norris, the school in question is on a rotating schedule so most certainly the incident and day in question occurred with the 6th period prior to 2nd. Mr. Norris, I question your motives most recently targeting this young lady after several years and never coming forward. I wonder what must have happened recently to precipitate this negativity. Should it matter your personal issue with this young lady or the fact that helping others and taking the time to work with and help people is such a heartless thing to do? Why do you go by a false identity? Perhaps you should reveal your true name before you hide behind a pseudo and bash others as well as divulge the personal information of others names, time and place of events that have been omitted all this time to protect the identity and privacy of others.

Second Amendment Symposium: Allison Brown Interview

Allison Brown, Special Adviser at Open Society Foundations, discusses her takeaways on the future of gun control and gun violence prevention. Brown spoke as ...

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If mental illness isn't the real problem, why are all these knee-jerk gun laws passed in response to tragedies such as Sandy Hook? This woman must rub her hands with glee when some psycho shoots up a school, as that's the type of thing that get laws passed and thus furthers her agenda. 

Unexpected Diversity: Interfaith Organizing from the Bottom Up

The interreligious movement has no road map: we are creating it as we go. Effective interfaith work today requires new methods and a new kind of grassroots ...

3 Ideas for Better Video Content for Alumni Relations

Part 1 of Bentz Whaley Flessner's "3 Ideas" series. This short video has tips to help you produce better video content for your institution.
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