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Suny albany pc building Videos

GT Mustang + Geocaching + PC Building

California Travel Vlog Playlist -- //bit.ly/JAVCA More Geocaching Videos -- //bit.ly/JAVGeo March 1, 2013: On the second day of his mini-vacation to ...

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Seeing all your shots of LA is making me jealous! And the weather! The weather in London has been really shit for the past few days. I'm going to LA and probably SF later this year though. I think my brother might be going in less than three weeks for some University interview thing...and if he stays there, I get to move into his room (Y)
Being self-employed is the easiest job you can get. I'm a long time fan so don't block me, I'm just saying you make videos. That's a fun and easy job. You get unlimited sick days/vacation days, you have no "due date", considering JAVs are posted 1-2 months after the event, etc.
Oh, haha. I feel like an idiot now.. I kind of skipped over it thinking it was a Movie Night episode or something based on the thumbnail. I guess that shows that most people pay more attention to the thumbnails.
thx for this awesomely ha bisky vlog and usually when the geocashes are in open places like highways they usually get taken (i did one and somebody stole the geocash prize thing) thx for the upload i enjoyed it
My brother has that green computer case with the weird reset button. It's pretty cool. Also, I'd like to get into geocashing. I thought about it before, and your video has reminded me of it. Very cool.
Watching this video actually makes me want to go back to the American South West, I went to San Diego about 14 years ago, when I was still a young child, It's about time I go back there.
"All you pedophiles, thats a tip." That one is on the house you fuckers. Forgot about this video haha. My favourite comment on this video has to be the one right before mine.
Just because it's convenient doesn't make it "the easiest". What I do takes a lot of talent and specific skill. Please don't make it seem like I don't work for a living.
I don't think I actually saw it in my subscriptions. I meant I skipped over it when looking through your latest videos to see if there was a first part.
Did I miss a video somewhere? It seems like you're referencing things from a previous video, but I looked back and couldn't find one.
2:32 I half expected three seconds after hearing the ball come off the bat to see Jon go down in the outfield. I would of chuckles,
After watching this, I had to go find that Geocache in the park. Just seeing Jon's signature was exciting enough for me.
Probably not until April - going to be busy with Playlist for the next week, and I still haven't filmed anything yet.
Im pretty sure the reason they didnt let you walk in so you couldnt see the shitfuckery google was planning.
lol ATOL ad before the vid, whole time sounded like it was saying "get your asshole protection beforehand" xD
I wonder if anyone has picked up those little geocache boxes not knowing what they were and just took it.
I'm suprised they wouldn't let you in Jon. You have been around on youtube for a very very long time.
Mustang!!? Awww it's a car? I thought Jon was gonna go see wild horses or go horseback riding :(
Am I the only one who laughed at how you were looking for geocaches "in PLAIN sight" near LAX? :D
I've never been to a fry's electronics. I'll have to go there when I am in Los Angeles next week.
Love the production value of your vlogs. I am interested in the specs of the computer as well!
Well, there's a note inside specifically explaining what it is, and that you should leave it.
I swear I unsubscribed this channel a few months ago, does YouTube re-subscribe randomly?
Geocaching is so much fun. My friend and I go to Glamis and look for and find Geocash.
I love building comps, too bad their so expensive to build. at least the ones I build.
Love the video Jon!! Can you tell us when the next Game Time video is, by chance?
Oh please tell me that video idea was actually produced. I would love to see it
But Jon, they should have let you in, you're from YouTube, you're a big deal ;)
2:49 I'm pretty sure that's the intersection of Lincoln and Manchester Blvd...

Building A 21TB, 24-disk Fileserver, part 1 (in 1 minute)

Part 1: Disk chassis assembly. Sped up 64 times; actual process was 67 minutes. An eight-minute version (sped up only eight times) is also uploaded.

User Comments

BUT the bios don't support 2.2 + Tb HD :p
where is part 2 ya fucking knob
Wheres the next parts?

Lego build 70805 Trash Chomper model A

Bicycle Safety

Officer Light, a University Police Officer at SUNY Plattsburgh gives bicycle safety tips.

ATV After Hours - March 12, 2010

(C) 2010. ATV. Albany Student Television. Guests: SA Senate Vice Chairman Andrew Ziegelstein, SA Programming Director Reuben Ingber, Co-Coordinator for ...

Fire Alarm Simulator

Fire Alarm Simulator Scenario : In case of fire happening in the campus, we need a system to keep track of all the fire hydrants, buildings and the buildings that ...
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