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Suny albany pet policy Videos

12/2 Pet Connection: Gracie

US DOT: Task force to form for registering drones

(CNN Newsource) Own a drone? You may have to let the Federal Government know about it. Monday, the US Department of Transportation is expected to ...

Animal Advocacy Day Was A Success

Shannon Keith, the Beagle Freedom Project President, joined 52 other organizations at the New York State Capital to give animals a voice. Video Recorded ...

Consequences For Using a Fake ID at SUNY Geneseo

A brief (student made) video about the consequences of using a fake ID at SUNY Geneseo.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell arrives in Australia.

1. Wide of plane on tarmac 2. Close up of plane door and U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell getting off plane and being greeted by Australian Ambassador to ...


User Comments

Wake up America. You can't possibly be buying the Obama spin machine. I mean even on this gay marriage thing, he says he supports it (personally), but, believes in each State's right to choose. Way to put yourself out there buddy. Saying he supports gets him the gay vote, but, covering his butt with everyone else by letting States decide. Best of both worlds, talking out of both sides of his mouth. I mean this is how this guy operates. You can't believe a thing he says. He's playing us all!!!
Thanks for your comment. Not sure which side you're on, but, thank you either way. Our priorities are simple... We believe the role of government should be to protect you from me and me from you and provide national defense to protect our liberty. Small government and big defense. I'm over simplifying of course, certain entitlements which must remain, but, where does it end? If you're implying that Governor Romney is center-right, that works for us. Most of the country is center-right. Thx
C'mon... You actually bought that? Any American would've given the OK to kill Bin Laden. Besides, he already had a CYA memo on file from Panetta blaming McRaven in case anything went wrong. That's what makes a strong President? What about the $1 trillion in defense cuts? What about letting Iran keep and reverse engineer one of our most advanced stealth spy drones? He all but gift wrapped it. We asked for it back? That's it? He's leaving America vulnerable in the most hostile of times
Yeah old Weak On Defense Obama, who made a decision that Donny Rumsfeld, Dickless Cheney and Emperor C+ Augustus were too stupid or corrupt to make when they chose to ignore Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora so they could play with their shiny new toy, Iraq. I'll take the guy who actually kills our actual enemies over the morons who enjoy starting new wars for fun and profit (as long as THEIR kids don't actually have to go fight them of course!)
so that he can build schools and plant trees. I'll never understand the liberal agenda. Their priorities are screwed up! Not to mention that it's a fact the intelligence which lead to Bin Laden's location came from the enhanced interrogation activities initiated by President Bush which Obama banned. But he used that intelligence to his benefit. Ahhh, the hypocratic, I mean Democratic party!
Thank God both parties are running the identical candidate, except for color. I say vote Mitt because he will incite the brain dead sheeple, to revolt. Well, revolt could be a little exaggerated but at least they'll get really tiffed. Do you ever feel that you are living inside a really silly comic book?
You have a new subscriber, me! The host of this channel should post in clear English, or whatever your national language is, who is funding americanpriotities1 and from what country you are from.
Greetings fellow GOP'er!!! I respect your feelings, but, Obama must be stopped!!!
im gop and romney is unacceptable.

CNY Central Athlete: Tom Sargent

LaFayette cross-country runner Tom Sargent is this week's CNY Central Athlete.

Troy residents upset after city council adopts mayor's budget by default

Police crackdown on underage drinking following GSU student death

Following the death of a GSU student at a local bar, police handed out several underage drinking violations.
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