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Suny albany writing center Videos

Literacy as Semiosis [1/6]

[ Part 1 ] What: Klingons Birds of Preys are Oblong and Federation Starships are Round: Literacy as Semiosis Who: Dr. Sergio Pizziconi (Ph.D. University of ...

Robert Kelly's tribute to Pierre Joris

Robert Kelly reads his poem to Pierre Joris at the celebration of Joris at SUNY Albany, March 5, 2014 ...

"He Was In Love With Mr. Isaac Bashevis Singer”: Israel Zamir Describes His Father​

Israel Zamir, z"l, son of Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, talks about his father's simultaneous love of animals and ambivalence towards people unless ...

MOC-FV Track & Field: Girls Sprint Medley @ Sioux Center 2015

Running Order for MOC-FV: Regan Rowenhorst (14.02), Riley Rowenhorst (13.22), Daphne Heimensen (25.5), Rebekah Muilenburg (60.3). Time: 1:53.14.
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