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Silver & Gold, beyond the fake-out

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Have a look at this video it explains a lot and why they are smacking down the metals... he explains why in this video.cut and past this or type it in .. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: America is Going to Crash Big Time.
In the long run, it is almost impossible for the precious metals to be "down". Unless you are in a bad financial bind, I would hold steady.. Just my opinion, but the math seems clear...
plain and simple JPM is manipulating the commodities market on behalf of the American government to protect the illusion of the dollar - the American dollar is falling - 79.56 today
That is exactly what is happening. They are trying to get out of their shorts a.s.a.p. Once they go long, which they will. It will be like 2010 again!
On my blog -? DailySilverUpdate . com, I've posted some articles regarding the crash, as well as an interview discussing the matter. Check it out!
Go look at THE NEWS UNIT dot COM Russian T.V. is targeting the guns now. They are open about it too. They need some good exposure.
maybe everyone expected gold and silver to run up ...its not cuss were watching hahahaha everyone go away nothing to see here ?
Yup, The dollar will eventually find the precious metals. Not too many other assets with intrinsic value out there.. Thanks
Remember that those in the short position now need to coax others to buy their short position at a good price.
You've really got me thinking about Palladium. Do you know the rarity ratios of Au/Ag/Pt/Pd?
just keep shaking that bush boss - shaking it boss shaking it watch?v=G7QwTTn3FIk
i haven lost hope ...hell were looking at sum time to stack more for less money
im buying all the way down ...double stack dis shit if it comes down to it
silver usually drops after qe, it goes back up a couple of weeks after qe.
What's with the short girl in the middle flipping off the camera...lol
The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent...
Thats where u buy more more presents are coming Mark my words
Its hedge fund selling, as was last year. Buy before January.
Sesame seed oil. It's like miracle grow.
nice backdrop...

Primer: "I wanna buy a home, now!"

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Simple but kewl video. It's a very personal choice as you stated.

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