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Gothenburg sweden cruises Videos

Jewel of the Seas departs Gothenburg, Sweden

Watch as this gorgeous vessel departs my home town Gothenburg for Harwich, UK to end her 12 night Scandinavia capital cruise!

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@NJPhotographer62 Thank you! I appreciate it. :)
Excellent video!

Skärgårdskväll - Dinner cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago

Welcome onboard M/S S:t Erik where you will enjoy seafood and a beautiful view. The chef presents a tasty West Coast Buffet served in the summer evening.

Sabaton Live Sabaton Cruise 2012 "Carolus Rex" "Acustic" "Swedish Version"

Where: Sabaton cruise 2012 Band: Sabaton Song: Carolus Rex Filmed With: Nokia 808 pureview Enjoy! Please click like and comment and subscribe.

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I bloody love this! Can't wait to see #Sabaton live again!
Sounds like a singer and three mosquitos.
Dude, i can see myself in the video :O
Thank you for the upload!
thank you for share.
nice :)

Sabaton - Swedish Empire Tour 2012 - Part 32 [Sabaton Cruise 2012]

Join the band as they travel across the world on their 2013 Empire Tour. Episode 32, The Sabaton Cruise 2012! "Carolus Rex" is the seventh Sabaton studio ...

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I'm gonna give you hell! they've been screaming "what is that song?" and now I refuse to answer. It was on my setlist of things to do on YouTube, but if you scream too much about it, I get tired. So learn this: You won't get it! NO!
Jocke pulling some classic faces here, thus starting a new thing between my friends called "The Lollypop Has Dropped Face"! Also i just realised that he's back to using the old chest plate, YES!!
Ha! I see what you did there. Yes he is great behind the drums but limited. He is also a great guitar player and good at singing and he has a great scene performance.
Don't ever stop with your video blogs, they are really enjoying. I also like the fact that you are so open and show how life can be out there on the road! :)
Now, that's my favorite version of Aaaaattero Dominantus!))) Please, don't stop! Continue this sequence of funny performances)) You rock!
Wish Snowy could really sing in a band for once like he used to do in Notre Dame. So much talent goes to waste behind the drums
Sabaton played two gigs at the evening, then it was party time all night long. The next day Raubtier and Dynazty played :)
Song from 0:55 ?? Thanks i Know that song but i forgot the Title ^^ ps . My English is not the Yellow From my Egg
Good point, just Google'd a bit and found out that the start of the cruise was on 9-12-2012.
You gave us Gay Division, now give us Spanish Dominatus. Do I hear next bonus track?...
Vänta tills dvdn kommer så ska du få höra på ett sjuhelvetes ljud! :D
Ge fullständigt fan i att sluta spela Swedish Pagans live! Era nötter!
Three people laughed so much that they accidentally clicked "dislike".
Would love to see a full vid of Sabaton performing Book Of Heavy Metal!
Haha, är ju en oskriven regel att Sabaton ska spela Swedish Pagans;)
You guys totally rule! Can't wait for the chance to see you LIVE!
ist that the Silja-Line to stockholm were they played taht gigs?
What's the song at 3:08? I can't remember it. Please tell me.

Yamaha 90 hp 2 stroke @ Idle speed on the moat in Gothenburg

On the moat cruising,in the heart of Gothenburg Sweden.
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