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Sweden: Several dead in car explosion in Gothenburg

Emergency services were at the scene after several people were killed when a car exploded in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Friday, reportedly leaving many ...

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+NaderR For sure.Sweden is crap country
Multiculturalism at work. Cars dont explode just like that 
+osvaldgruppen yeah you see i was right. Those Motherfuckers bring all of their bad culture to us. Thats all
Yes I heared it on the news yesterday. But do i care to correct my flaw. NO.
It happened outside the firedepartment. It could be any thing. Most likely not terror but an sad accident. Do you guys ever read the news, or just blindly and desperatly look around in confusion?.

maykom #lpg#

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Mack vs Wero LpG's fight

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al mc le bale berga que la direcion este alado

Quality Spa & Resort, Strömstad / lpg.blogg.no

På "tusen & en natt" på Spa Resort Strömstad.

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Hur fan e man funtad å lägga upp denna jävla skit - HUR FAN E DET STÄLLT???

Professional Endermologie - Cellu M6 Key Module | Life Long Clinic Sweden

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Quality Spa & Resort Strömstad

Strömstad Spa is a modern spa resort situated in the midst of the stunning Bohuslän archipelago, on the west coast of Sweden. You are only a few minutes away ...
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