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Lexus sc300 top speed Videos

Lexus SC300 2JZ-GE /w Top Speed Exhaust Indoor

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"nearly na" meaning...you kept the stock 2.25" diameter piping and just replaced the mufflers? I'm wondering if having a dual exhaust set-up with 2.5" piping from the cat on back would be over kill (meaning loss of back pressure)? Car is clean, btw...
Right, I only replaced the mufflers. They're mounted on the stock mountings. I don't know what effect such a dual exhaust set-up would have... But I think most of the back pressure is generated by the cats. thank you for your comment, btw :)
What is your set up... 3inch all wth wayand is it boosted.. cats or not cats... I love the way it sounds.. Lookfor a setup for mine....
My set up nearly is NA. There are only a self made BFI and the Top Speed mufflers installed.
Thank you! =) But it's a SC300 ;)
It's a Vertex Style body kit
what body kit is this?
Yo tail light out 

92 Lexus SC300 Top Speed Pro1 Axle Back Exhaust. Part 2 (Just a few revs.)

Sc300 vs sc300 top speed pull

3rd gear roll clutch held up this time no slip TopSpeed run 170mph 7500 redline r154 still had a good race sorry the videos is dark but the sound of both build ...

Lexus LFA Top speed run - Forza Motorsport 6/FM6

Gran Turismo 6 Top Speed World Record SRT Tomahawk X Vision GT 832KMH 517MPH INCREDIBLE :)

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Sc300 1jzgte First Drive POV camera

This is the first time I took my Sc300 on a drive. Silly Scion floored it past me and when he busted a U turn got pulled over. Top speed was 110 (limit). Bov is a ...

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I like it. Clean video, car sounds great. Good display of what a nice 1jz swapped Sc Daily Driver looks like in action!
loven that bov

SC300 vs SC300

4th roll my clutch slipped a bit but it's okay still hold my own TopSpeed run 170mph 7500 redline r154 still had a good race sorry the videos is dark but the sound ...

Lexus supercharged SC400 6 speed 5

How does a 6 speed Lexus SC400 dive?

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oh sorry i misread. Yeah the sc400 or soarer v8 never came out with a manual :( im in aust. I have the exact same thing. You made the right choice the w58 was a bad choice that cost me money. It's worth it in the end, much better then the bloody auto. and what an amazing v8. The problem is it just loves to rev out :) I'm a bit of a toyota nut. I've also got a 1jz single turbo that came out with a manual. Nice car as well. feels different not as mean as the 1uz :) good luck with your car buddy :)
that car came out with a 1jz. my mate has one but its a jap import to aus which is right hand drive. I don't think a LHD 1jz exists but the modification would be easy since it came out factory with that motor. However, in my experience the 1uz is a tad more reliable. All depends if you like v8s or turbos.
Nice upgrade. The 1uz-fe is a bloody nice V8. I wouldn't recommend using a W gearbox though. I'd go with the R150 or to that effect. I blew up the w58 box without really trying. I also have a 1jz, it came out with a manual r151 and that motor is not as harsh in terms of torque down low. think about it.
@proto12qs That is true it does, Nothing a person can do about that. The getrag is loud if you put it behind a lightened flywheel. From the factory, Toyota developed a Dual Mass Flywheel in a effert to quiet it down, it worked but it is heavy as heck. Someday I may work on my own solution.
SCOTT! hows the car? we got mine up n running after chirs had a long break lol...but illl link u mine soon, its was worth the wait! hows the getrag doing, any mods i should know about havent put my 6 in yet after tuninin, SCOTT KNOWS whats hes talking about here i wouldnt think twice!
sounds kinda simple.. in automatic AV6 when you change to acura CL-S 6 speed, you have to trick the harness to think its in any gear thats not parking or neutral because you wont have vtec and will rev until 5k RPM so you have to switch some cables and make that possible
man scott, your work is amazing. I just got a perfect condition SC400, read your whole build thread. I'd love to do the swap but without access or experiencing with milling and machining equipment, it would be impossible. Any chance you could mill me some parts? :PP
Sounds like a vacuum issue. Then again, it could be anything. A sensor perhaps?... Most car computers have a hard time recognizing moded or foreign parts too. Let me know how u make out. The Coup is 1 of the most beautifulest cars ever built!
Good stuff! I have a '95 SC400 with just some bolt ons (BFI, Tanabe mufflers, Dragon Torque Converter, JiC Springs and front strut). A blown SC400 or Soarer 4.0 is one thing, but mated with the V-160 has got to be rare as FUCK! Badass man!
Easier? Not much, you still need to adapt it to the 1UZ V8, now on a sc300 its a bolt in. The w58 will save a lot of cash over the V160. To my knowlege the w58 was never offered here in the US on a SC400, cant say 100% for over sea's
hey scott i was just wondering did you figure out how to get rid of the rattling. I have the same problem but with a 350z transmission swap. Also i was wondering if you were selling the tensioner adapter plate that you are using.
Thinking about buying one and using a w58, you think that would be a lot easier than the V-series? Seeing as the w58 already was an option on that car. I know strength might be an issue but I would keep the car relatively stock
2jz > 1jz and 1uz .. easy .. but price is a bit more but worth it if ur building for performance, more parts and is like more bullet proof than the 1jz, but for 1jz and 1uz i'd say there both jst as good as each other.
yo boss dude, i wanna supercharge my sc400, i found one with 6000km on the clock, u wnt believe but it IS genuine, ima holla u in club lexus talk to me... whats the diffrence in fuel economy with supercharge?
I like the dash. I have a Soarer and it's the same thing but with a digital display and honestly though it's cool- it wears off after a while and you wish to have the standard dash when you rev the car out.
Can't believe someone actually did the 1uz to v160 (getrag supra 6sp)! I was going to do 1uz to r154. The most common is with a w58 been there done that (blew it up). You'll never do that box in though.
thanks! saw the whole thread but didnt see what did you do with the harness so it worked for your car unless sc's dont need their harness or ecu to me changed or modified to work with manual tranny
"hit the rev limiter, got the shifter in one hand, camera in the other hand and trying to drive. Guess I need a co-pilot?" LOL, probably not a bad idea. Car sounds really good though!
I know it was never offered But im saying the w58 is native to the SC, but not to the v8, but it still has to be easier than the V160. Bravo regardless, sweet car, super jealous.
ITs great seeing the awesome progress Scott! I asked about your spare motor a longg time ago lol, if you remember. How much did the 6spd run you? have fun with your Soarer
God this is so sexy, i love the 1uz so much, i think I'm gonna buy another one down the road for a project car. i have a 93 SC400 with 180k and she runs like a champ.
OMG man. 1:30 just sounds like music. These engines are beautiful. Put a good exhaust on it, get a co-pilot and rip that thing up on your next video. :)
My car is a 97, you can actually use airbags from 98-2002 by changing the connector. They are still single stage, most the 2 stage startet in 01 or 02.
hi i have a sc 400 i do not kno wut to do put in a 1jz or trun the v8 in to a 5peed wut is the best way to go and dose not cost so much thanks
How you doing wanted to ask is the getrag or r154 and the adapter all that is needed to do the swap or is more needed like ecu sensors etc?
99% sure it's a eaton m90 since that's the most common setup to go with on a 1uz.. the other 1% of people go with the trd supercharger.

Forza Motorsport 6 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Drift and Top Speed

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Cool vid pro, and even cooler drift!! :) I love that car. I post Forza 6 videos too. Subscribe my channel, if you like what I'm doing.
+Alessandro Spadaro Thanks!! I sub you to!!!
+HooDiniX Thx.. i love too car :D I have subscribed to your channel 'll watch your videos willingly
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