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1992 lexus sc300 oxygen sensor Videos

Starting and idling with all the sensors wired in. (no down pipe)

96 Talon TSi Exhaust

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Sounds good.

snap circuits sc300 how to make an l2 lamp bright (watch now.)

SAFC 2 Help

I need help setting up my SAFC 2. Car has new NGK BPR7ES's and a new O2 sensor. I just put in a Walbro 255 and Fuelab AFPR but the car will not start and I ...

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no 2 cars are the same. you cant just take someone elses setting and plug them in and call it a day. buy a wide band and tune to perfection. and to change the rpm range you have to go to the ne points and adjust from there.
u need to drive the car and hold at tht rpm if it goes lean u need to add fuel....once you get the low throttle set start doing high throtle pulls and adjust from there anything is better then going lean and detonating
Are you getting fuel at the rail? I installed a walbro in mine and pinched a wire when tightening into tank. Most likely the wiring you did to the ecu, check all that make sure your connections are good.
the ne points are your points of adjustment and if you have just added a walbro i doubt your maps should be that rich by the quick look of your map your 15%to high


First attempt at tuning the carbs on my '92 XJ600 using an AEM UEGO wideband o2 sensor and gauge.

2JZ-GE with a GTE ECU

This is a SC300 with a GE motor running on a GTE ECU.
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