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Lupus foundation newark nj Videos

WTVG Channel 68 Sign-On (1979)

This is an audio clip, with accompanying ID graphic, from WTVG Channel 68, Newark, New Jersey recorded on April 14, 1979. Channel 68 started out as ...

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Journey to Adventure, Stock Market Today, Wall Street Perspective, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, Green Acres, and (one of my favorites) Dobie Gillis. :-) (Actually, it was through watching Dobie Gillis that I discovered The Uncle Floyd Show.) Channel 68 had their own "TV 68" News program for a while, too.
I remember this version of "Theme from Shaft" from a 1972 Pickwick album of the biggest hits of 1971; it seems that this recording may've been by British music conductor Stanley Black, though if anyone knows for sure I'd be glad to know. This sure ISN'T Isaac Hayes' original.
Does anyone remember a show that came on either right before or right after The Uncle Floyd Show in 1980 on channel 68 or 60 in NJ called Rockers 80? It was hosted by Bob Marley and had guests like The Rolling Stones. Awesome!
and channel 31 since it is pax/ion. I can pick up this station from n.c. where I live now. I used to pick up channel 9 ten years ago until my cable operator deleted it because it was affiliated with upn,now my tv. 
Correct! The station began broadcasting as WBTB-TV, followed by WTVG, and finally WWHT. Check out the video description for a link to recordings taken with the station signing on with these other callsigns.
I worked there. The place was primitive. In a house. Under a huge antenna. Journey to Adventure was on giant 2" reels. If you dropped one on your foot you'd know it. What a lame sign on.
*ahem* What I want to say is -- Great, great station .... "Mighty Marvel Superheroes", "Rat Patrol", "WoMetCo Home Theater" & of course, "The Uncle Floyd Show"!!
This is before my time, was born in 1989, but I love all this old school NJ television. Gotta love the Shaft theme in the background of the station info!
The WTVG call letters later were used in Toledo Ohio when a change in ownership required a change in call letters for the former WSPD-TV.
I was watching this and noticed that these call letters are now those of a station 13 in Toledo Ohio which used to be nbc and is now abc
ahhhhhhhhhhh i miss those days. i watched uncle floyd, mister ed, green acres, speed racer. love that bob and more.
I just closed my eyes and listened to the beginning of my 10 hr shift.The haunted house on the hill.Where's Mary?
Love to hear John Pichitino's voice. He was also the voice who did the opening to Uncle Floyd Show .
Ah, good old Wometco. I believe this was the first pay-tv station? (during nighttime hours, at least)
Omg! 2 WTC.... This UHF channel was good for only the Uncle Floyd Show and grainy WHT movies. LOL
channel 55 was also the great uhf. it had classic show and a state of the art newscast.
who can forget "speed racer and hercules!!..dam i miss those years.
wtvg news will be at 6 and 11 in 2002 wtvg 68 swiches to wfut 68
Yes, since 1979 - the same year Newark's Channel 68 became WWHT.

Newark Bears Playoff Walkoff Win (September 26,2009)

The Newark Bears overcome an 11-2 deficit and beat the Somerset Patriots 13-12 on a Charleton Jimerson 3-run walkoff double off relief pitcher Bret Prinz ...

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I get chills everytime I watch this
Best game ever dude.
indeed it was

Bright Rainbow over Nomahegan Park, Cranford NJ

Enjoy! Please subscribe, rate, and comment! LIKE MY FANPAGE HERE: https://www.facebook.com/SPCcranford1056#!/SPCcranford1056.

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First view 3 in a row
Great full rainbow!

2011 NEw Haven Walk Highlights!!

A compilation of pictures from our New Haven Walk, Hope you enjoy!! - created at //animoto.com.
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