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Mini pinschers Videos

When mini pinschers attack

foxy goes nuts on a bolster XD.

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No the Min Pin is not related to the doberman in any way, the Min Pin was made by breeding a Italian Greyhand and the Dachshund, whilst the Doberman was thought to be created by breading German Pinschers with Rottweillers, Beaucerons, Pinschers, Greyhounds and other breed by Louis Doberman in the early 1800's. Min Pins are nown for aggression, but rather for their loyalty and friendliness. A Min Pin only turns out aggressive if it has owners who do not know what they are doing.
@dontmakemeMAD1990 your view is incorrect. Min Pins are no more prone to aggression then any other dog, it is how they are trained and treated. The Min Pin is no relation of the Doberman and has been around for a lot longer then the Doberman. This breed is a very stubbern and self assured, hence you see Min Pins with behaviour problems because the owners do not know what they are doing. A Min Pin raised by an owner that understands the breed will be a fantastic family member.
LOL MY CAT DOES THIS LMAO. She puts stuff inside closets and then picks them out with her claw under the door. My cat actually found a way to open closed doors too! Only if they aren't closed by the nob properly tho. We have some doors that don't close 100% properly but they're 99% closed just the nob mechanism doesn't work, even the door itself is tightly closed, my cat puts her arm under the door and pulls at it until it opens. Animals are so resourceful at times :)
o wait they dont know exactly witch dogs are crossed whit eachother for having the dobberman but probably rotweilers,german pinchers,and somme other dogs they cal it also dobbermann pinchers so i think they are almost sure that it is crossed whit pinchers german pincher and the dobbermann are both from germany some sites say its a fact the german pincher is an family of the dobberman and the most sites say the german pincher is the big version of a mini pincher
Cute Min Pin! Dog breeds with terrier traits like Min Pins love to shake to "break the neck", "kill" and "disembowel" stuffed animals. Just be careful that they don't ingest the stuffing, plastic squeaky box or any plastic eyes or beads from stuffed animals. This is an intact male Min Pin. Please spay and neuter your dogs when they are old enough as I'm sure this owner will do. Just my public service announcement.
i dont like it much theire to wild and can be verry agresive i dislike the people who thinks this is an easy cute dog thats just must be treated like a hamster this dog has temprament and when you like to get the furniture staying undamadged you MUST take the dog to a walk :it is family of a dobbermann dont hate the dog realy just isnt my choise for a dog
i surely know the pincher is related to the dobberman somehow and it is one of the dogs that bites the most people:not that it is the most dangeroux but and like i said you better dont treat it like a hamster
@motorvating u are crazy they have not been around longer then the dobi and a min pin is an inbred dobi ths hoe u get the small size, anytime u wanna make an animal smaller u inbreed it
@dontmakemeMAD1990 It is no relaton of the Doberman, research before you post stupid information. Min Pins are not aggressive by nature, it is how they are brought up like all dogs.
What a little tough guy. Mine does similar stuff with his own toys. He likes to shove them into the couch or into laundry baskets, then go all crazy trying to dig them out.
You have it all rong. The German Pinscher is a very old breed that is hundreds of years older then the Doberman. The doberman is a relativly new breed as breeds go.
@Rexinauld lol good job bud replying to message thats over 3 months old. something IS defiantly inbred, and bored. do u get your daily walk?
omg, looks JUST like my chihuahua girl! except shes all black. but acts the same way. ...almost thought it was her. lol
its a smaller variant of the german pincher the german pincher is ancestor of the dobberman they say
foxy,foxy,foxy....kiran,just keep spoiling him k?haha shockingly figodoes not do such things...
My brother's min pin does that too with a stuffed soccer ball that's twice the size she is.
wow you make this a long conversation you know lol yes i must say you have right:)
i thaught someone have just crossed some old dogs?
my minpin does the same thing it drives me insane
my min pin does the same thing toooooo...

When Miniature Pinschers Attack (No doy.)

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Asshole. I was expecting an attack. Watched the whole damn boring ass video.
They shredded that poor woman!
Gotta love em'.
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