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Miniature pinscher underweight Videos

A4901417 Houdini

A4901417 Houdini is a magical 2-year-old black-and-rust male Miniature Pinscher who came to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center as a stray from Azusa on ...

Please Help DAISY! - ADOPTED!!!

Daisy the underweight German Shepard who needs help getting out of the shelter.

//www.petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=LACT.A1413827 DAISY - ID#A1413827 East Valley Animal Care & Control 14409 Vanowen Street Van Nuys, CA ...

Doberman Pinscher - Almost 4 months old

Maya, my Doberman Pinscher puppy likes to run around outside. She likes to run in circles. We go out for walks often and she exercises in the backyard. She is ...

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Nice dobe. How much did she weigh at 4 months?
Thank you very much. At 4 months she was around 40 pounds. Currently she's 9 and a half months old and 80 pounds. 

Owner of abused Great Dane arrested - 6 pm News

When a Bastrop County Animal Control Officer found Claire, a Great Dane, she was 70 pounds underweight, had no hair, open sores, swollen paws and very ...

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People guilty of these crimes should be subjected to the same treatment they inflicted on the animals. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. If the owner couldn't "afford" to care for her then she should have turned the dog over to animal control herself. A bullet in the head would have been more merciful than the slow torture this dog endured. Penalties need to be swift and severe for abusers of ANY living creature. It is sickening that so called "humans" do these horrific things.
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As my mom use to say wheres theres smoke theres fire.Point being theres aproven link between animal abuse & neglect and child abuse & neglect.If you see one abuse chances the other one is happening to.Plus domestic violence and usually the pets in the suffer horribly as well as the human victim.
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Erm, do your homework. It has been proved in many cases of abuse and murder, the perpetrator has had previous charges with animal cruelty. They like to have a weaker victim then themselves to carry out their horrific violence.
And then she will be put to sleep like the rest of older ugly non cute puppies. So stupid, such a waste of tax payer money going after people who "abuse animals" Why not, go after assholes who fucking litter?!?!?!!!
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Buster A446520

PEANUT- 3 month old abused pup gets a new lease on life

This tiny guy came to Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC underweight, abandoned, hurt, and scared. Based on the injuries to his organs, it appears that he was ...

Katie A4288711 RESCUED!!!

A4930083 Bosley | Cocker Spaniel

A4930083 Bosley is a handsome 3-year-old blonde and white male Cocker Spaniel who was found in La Puente and brought to the Baldwin Park Animal Care ...
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