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Fruit flies lay eggs Videos

Time Lapse of a Rainier Cherry decay

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Wohoo, it looks nasty :D lol Is the black-thingy-look black mold or it is just as it turned brown and later on black?
it's so crazy where fruit flies come from.
how did da bug things get in there
Fascinating video :)

Metallic fly laying eggs

name that insect. Any help would be nice. Identifying insects is even more difficult then filming them! I already spent an hour trying to figure out what this is.

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Hello very interesting I think it is a type of fly (Order: Diptera) some are green metallic flies, Diptera = two wings I searched by: Iridescent green Long-legged Fly //www.diptera.info/photogallery.php https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolichopodidae //www.flickriver.com/photos/treebeard/7688223342/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austrosciapus
Thank you my friend!:)
Normally these animals live hidden. We see them scurrying past, but never as they lay eggs. Thank you for this beautiful video!
Ja! Thank you Manfred;) I try to film these flies all the time. They NEVER SIT STILL FOR ME. I was so surprised and happy to get this footage!
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