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Fruit flies austin tx Videos

The Hickoids "fruit fly" @ The Kessler (October 2011.)

Purple Martins pre-migratory roost, Austin, Texas, July 5, 2014

Austin is known for huge bat swarms under the congress ave bridge. Few are aware that half a million Purple Martins gather in a huge roost from July to August ...

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These are not bats, grackles, or starlings. They are a favorite bird of many people, Purple Martins. Once the breeding season ends the birds begin forming big night roosts like this in preparation for their south-bound migratory flight. This roost will be near Highland Mall until mid or late August.
Wow! I'd seen the bats but this is amazing too! Thanks

Five Things to Do in Austin, Texas

NIWeek 2010 is just around the corner. Learn about five fun things to do while you are in Austin, Texas for the conference. Visit ni.com/niweekcommunity to keep ...

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@gotch09 i think one of the greatest misconceptions people have on austin is that they think it will measure up to a major city. and the way people describe it, it sounds like it is a "world class" city, but it's far from it. austin is an overgrown town. and what makes it special is the people, your friends, the vibe, easy living, night life and good food. there's so much in so little. you won't learn to appreciate it unless you have good friends.
@aoiahiru Yeah, well I wasn't born here and didn't move here till the early 90's. I've told my children that if I kick the bucket while I'm living in Austin, please,please cremate me and carry my ass to the state line and pour me out. I may be stuck here in this lifetime, but I DO NOT want to spend my eternity here./ They can go north, south, east or west. My opinion of Texas in general, and Austin in particular is that negative.
@pboisei Why all the negativity? Because this town ain't all it's cracked up to be. And I hate this loser town. And of all the wrong choices I've made-moving here was a mistake of epic proportions that I'll always regret. If I wasn't living here, the ground could open up and Austin could slide on it. And I would give a damn. Yes, I am that bitter. Austin sucks hind tit.
@aoiahiru Thank God I wasn't born here. I moved here. Let's just say I've been underwhelmed by the experience. If I have to spend so much time yelling about how cool I am, the way Austin does, maybe I'm not so cool after all.
I visited Austin in May 2011 and absolutely loved it! I will be back. Love the live music, warm weather and lively atmosphere. Had the best steak ever in my life at Austin Land & Cattle!
@aoiahiru I admit it's probably just me. But I've just been really underwhelmed by Austin. Its over-hyped and over priced. It's just not all it was cracked up to be=to me.
@atxag2010 Usually they say it's the people who make a city worth visiting, but I guess in your case, the people are about as underwhelming as the city.
@pboisei Coming out of the gate, it's lady. After 20 years I've given this town ample time to change my mind. Now I'm just too old and poor.
@rorschach775 and gotch09 At least Austin's better than sh*thole New York. Or most of the cities in America.
Yeah it has. But I don't think near as fun as popping you in the butt with some hot grease. Have a nice day.
@niglobal Go on a bike tour, not a segway (lol) tour first of all. We are the bike capital of the south!
Please let me know where I can chop on a juicy steak....or BBQ while watching some good country music!
@txsrose333 What do you think NIWeek attendees should do while they are in Austin?
You could do the stuff on this list in any town. You shame Austin.
Can I pop you in the ass with it, and solve the problem that way??
boo! DUMB LIST!!!!!! I live here and wouldnt do that stuff!
You need to buy a bullet, and rent a gun.Problem solved.
You could,but that would be of no help to Austin.
It would be of help to ME though,paulio.
I live in Austin. I think it stinks.
well it's been fun...
Nice list!

One World (R)evolution ROCKS The Red Eyed Fly

John Dromgoole wasp and fly control: Central Texas Gardener

John demonstrates how to control wasps and flies.

Hickoids - Live at Hole in the Wall

Hickoids live at SxSW 09 part 1

The Band makes Matt all pretty for the ConvOi! show. (June 18th w/ The Hickoids)

CONVOI! - Live at Jigger's 8/14/10

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