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How to Make Homemade Flea Spray

How to Make Homemade Flea Spray. Part of the series: Natural Remedies for Dogs. A homemade flea spray consists of a eucalyptus infusion combined with ...

Insect Repellent Techniques : Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent

Making your own mosquito repellent can be done by either mixing eucalyptus oil with water or lemon balm with water, putting the mixture into a spritz bottle and ...

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EUCALYPTUS- was planted in malaria areas of africa to disinfect the air- but what happened is that eucayptus trees suck up lots of water as they grow- so they got rid of the swamps- so no water for mosquito eggs to hatch- no more mosquitos-MAL-ARIA= BAD-AIR- its also the swamp decomposing plants that make sulphur GAS & its this gas that poisons the population-very toxic- but dont tell that to the malaria PILL PUSHERS-u ll get "heart attacked" as a "profit killers"-no alcohol/sweets/grapes=fevers
All around my home it used to be infested by tiger mosquitoes, I have planted plants that repel mosquitoes (melissa, lemon grass, Lippia citriodora) and have tons of lemon basil on my windows and now they just go and nest somewhere else. I don't need to spray anything as I have no mosquitoes.
WD40 is the best mosquito repellent you can use, hands down. I've used it in the Amazon rainforest and it worked better than the expensive store-bought stuff. But it's definately better to use something you know is safe for your skin . . .
@eeristavi that's because you have NESTS of them and they are near to where you leave. THey won't come near to where I live for the reasons I listed.. even if I was in Corfu or wherever.
That was super helpful..we have tried absolutely every mosquito repelent and it didn't work with tha misquitos in east Idaho..thanks:)
Have tried Skin So Soft in the past, but it smells like really strong, really cheap perfume. Not crazy about it.
thanks for your thoughts-its refreshing to see someone give good free advice without hawking a book or product
believe it or not the best repellent is your own odor.
lol does it attract Mosquitoes
what if you combine them?
whoa does it really work?
Helpful... Thanks. ;0)
:-D Странно
я русский

Go'Way Topical Video

Natural Resources Segment on Deals: Homemade Remedies for Outdoor Issues

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Awesome!! These are some really helpful tips!! Thanks! :)

DIY Natural Bug Repellent

Whether you like to bike ride or hike, work in your vegetable garden or just take your pet for a walk, chances are you spend some time outside and are subject to ...

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Midge Magic - natural fly, mosquito repellant made in Scotland

Midge Magic is a truly effective Midge and Tick repellent hand-made from natural ingredients only. It contains no artificial chemical constituents which can be ...

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