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Fruit flies suddenly appear Videos

[Barnacle Lou] EP8 Lou and Larva (English/따개비루 영어)

Barnacle Lou EP8 Lou and Larva Lou wakes up in the morning and finds a sprout in the garden. A cute Larva sees curious Lou and hides. Lou takes out a water ...

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Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali 08/19/11

Hanuman bashes up the Dev putra and teaches them a lesson for being so rude...the Dev putras apologise to Hanuman ...Ravan is busy praying to lord Shiv .

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@badopinion what is so amusing about you know nothing about?
I was amused for a minute....
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Jai Shree Ram

Haunted airplane flies in any direction within seconds!

This new airplane (2.3 APL) suddenly appears in the sky and is able to fly in any direction, within seconds! A Yourtubenetwork video. Subscribe for more.

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It's real.. well almost ;-)

8 ways the world could suddenly end: Stephen Petranek at TEDxMidwest

Unintentional "Dark Futurist", Stephen Petranek, re-visits the subject matter of his original eleven year old TED Talk and offers the audience an extraordinarily ...

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Disgusting to think how many trillions the US has spent on "terrorism" and done nothing about threats that could wipe out the entire planet.
+crazywaffleking and look how they completely succeeded! iraq afghanistan and libya are like heaven on earth!

ScienceCasts: A Sudden Multiplication of Planets

Details can be found at //planetquest.jpl.nasa.gov/ Visit //science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2014/26feb_multiplication/ for more. Today ...

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If this is true then it proves even more the existence of God. The wonders of His works are displayed in the firmaments, both heavenly and earthly. So many people think that Science will erase the need for God when instead it confirms His purpose. Glory be to God! God commanded the world into existence by ordering things to be, and since His word never returns void, the universe continues to be created as He commanded. Mankind will never reach the end. 
+you2tooyou2too For the scientist, at least, there is the possibility of a God-of-the-gaps. For the theist, why would a primordial creator use one creation to deceive another (assuming a value for truth) in our conversation with God.
+shockofgoddess Limitations of English language & European culture (others too). Neither religion nor science is competent to 'refute' the other. For many, both, make a satisfying soup for digesting our existence. Ignorance & disinterest is more easily satisfied with only one, but requires thinking with one eye closed.
What is the purpose of exoplanets, supernovae, black holes, etc.?Would ET life prove the existence of God, but debunk Genesis and Jesus?Why do you call your god a gender-biased "He"?
I still don't understand how they went from there might be multiple planets to there a specific planets in specific orbital regions.
My guess is that judging by the star's intensity, and to rotation period of the planet they can estimate the distance from the star.
What do they mean life as we know it? Hasn't it been relatively recently discovered that life can be nitrogen based too? Who knows what other elements can be the building blocks of life..
By "life as we know it" they mean life existing within the properties of what we KNOW (have observed and confirmed) to be life. In this case, that is currently carbon-based, requiring substantial quantities of water, and within a distinct temperature range (the star's habitable zone being the temperature range at which water could exist as a liquid on the planet's surface).
is this computer theory only? , but no definitive pictures or captures of the actual planets from satellites or such?
Definitely no pictures... you still can't get a clear picture of pluto, no way they can get pictures of planets billions of light years away. Raimo is correct, when they use computer simulation, it's just for averages, and in the video it will say so.
No theory, the transits of the planets have been observed.
Oh who the phuck, not employed or invested in a space program, gives a muridae's sphincter? Seriously, if ya wanna find a planet with life on it.....LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW!!! Gad, as if finding a bunch of azure-skinned-seven limbed-five eyeballed Reagans & Bushs & Clintons & Obamas & Yous & Mes means feces. Look out your windoooooooooooooooow.
Yikes! Sam, you're 100& correct, moi did make an asinine use of use of a 'dash', @ least that.Here, allow I-self to (hopefully correct the statement which I stand 100% behind as being most relevant, to any truly sane person, however, Sam....., if you could be much less subjective and 100% MORE objective - PLEASE...tell me just how I'm incorrect.ALL OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS OF FOLLOWING STATEMENT WILL BE TAKEN AS SUCH:"Oh who the phuck, not employed or invested in a space program, gives a muridae's sphincter?  Seriously, if ya wanna find a planet with life on it.....LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW!!!Gad, as if finding a bunch of azure-skinned, seven-Limbed, five eyeballed Reagans & Bushs & Clintons & Obamas & Yous & Mes means feces.   Look out your windoooooooooooooooow."WOW!  I just followed my advice and factual discovered LIFE on a PLANET in OUTER SPACE, e.g., Blackbirds, Trees, Grass, (signs of like - squirrel's footprints in snow).  NOTE:  Disregard any grammatical errors, please.  Moi 'twere out till 2am @ the phuckin' too cool Rock Show; I'm going to blog about (With pics).   
You obviously cared enough to watch the video and leave your asinine comment.
Still not convinced that spending tax money on this is better than spending it to help reduce poverty.
spending money on this IS how we reduce poverty.   send my tax dollars to fund science research - I wont complain.  The dividends paid are well over 100%.
we need to expand space travel, faster, so when we are long gone, our descendants can survive somewhere else when earth is killed by the sun.  
money spended for science is NEVER a wasted money... perhaps you prefer to live as we was 50.000 years ago...
+Playa Sanag Well given the fact that with our fastest ship it would take 60,000 years or so just to the nearest star...much less the nearest habitable planet...think it's safe to say the plan is NOT to rape another.
All the money that goes into this doesn't go to war, so it actually is helping to reduce poverty.
+Derick Bumgarner And for the record, scientific discovery is a major catalyst for wealth creation which is why we eat 3 meals-a-day, live in a well sheltered homes and get to put silly opinions on  hi-tech devices. Thank you science!
If you do the math, the mission cost about $.31 (that is 31 cents) per American citizen per year for the mission. Think we got our money's worth. Not really sure that 31 cents would stave off poverty.

Does It Work? Flies be gone trap after two weeks

Flies be gone trap after two weeks.

Does It Work? Flies-Be-Gone fly trap after a week

Flies Be Gone fly trap after a week.

flies mating to symphony

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TV9 - Bird flu flies in Bangalore Hesaraghatta Farm : "Hakki Jawara" - Part 1

TV9 - Bird flu flies in Bangalore Hesaraghatta Farm : "Hakki Jawara" - Part 1...! Its been three days since Ramakka's family in Hesaraghatta had any chicken dish ...
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