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Dayton atv winch Videos

Dayton's Quad

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How wicked is that! Happy B-day Dayton!

Flexxloader Winch Loading

1980 Dayton 16/44 Garden Tractor for FREE

I picked this up yesterday, I didn't make a video of it as it was already kinda dark and I was tired as I had a long drive to pick this up and bring it home, it was free, ...

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@Searsnut11 Man, if only they made LTs that big... just think how big the GTs would be hahaha. Since these have the 1 inch axle and are peerless trans, any GT tractor that has a peerless 5 lug with have the hubs, look for 80s to 90s craftsman GTs, there plentyful and most had a 5 lug hub, they should bolt right on with out modding anything. Then find you some wheels/tires off a crown vic or lincoln with the 15 inch rim, they bolt right up, then you would have a serious beast!!
@dangeroustoys56 Yep, when I picked up that old rusted out LTV10 it was the same story, drove an hour to pick it up without even seeing it first, I was shocked it was that bad, but then I kinda liked it that way too! I crawled under, its a soild cast iron trans, with a gated 4 speed, and pulley on the side, not top. No varidrive, just a clutch thats it. Motor code on the engine says its a 1980, so its an '80 model tractor, seems to be the orginal motor.
@curtismundy I know I know, I totally understand, and I fully agree with you, but if you look at it from my point a veiw, its makes more since to use it instead, the LTV is cool, and I really like it, but what the heck would I do with it? I don't know man, I haven't made the decision yet, and I tried using a 5 ton press to get the rim seperated from the axle(one from the crapsman tranny), yeah well the rim broke and bent but the axle didnt budge!!
@Silverpup78 Hechlinger was made by MTD, mtd made alot of tractors for different companies, this Dayton is another example, they also made ones for Agway, Craftsman, Ace Hardware, Cenex, and many many more, the lists of brands made under MTD is very long. It doesnt run currently, thats why I got it free, the deck is rusty but all there and is workable. Not sure yet on what I'm going to do with it yet.
Same tractor as mine nearly! Cept mine doesnt have lug wheels ): and it should have had an 18hp originally. It's weird, cos mine does have the same gearbox, just differnet wheels. Definatly keep it as is though. I still think you gotta continue with Rusticide. That other ally tranny you had would still hold fine, they are tough gearboxes man!
@CSAKvids yup it sure is the same frame as yours and my 1988 red MTD. Its really tempting to just rip the panels off and bolt rusticides panels on to it. Its really cool and its rare as hell, so for that reason it would be a shame to rip it all apart. I may just fix it and sell it, I don't need it as I have a big tractor already.
Free? Damn! Id of done the same thing for a freebie- ive driven about an hour years ago to get two freebies . Nice heavy duty GT- youll haveta get a vid of what the drivetrain looks like- if it has the vari pulley or direct to the trans. The hood looks like my 2 '85 mastercuts- so youre right about it being a 80's tractor.
Oh I kept it. Look at my latest video I uploaded. The Dayton is my work horse now. I've pulled mowers, cars, trucks, a fallen tree trunk and a trailer with it at one time or another. Its got a 20hp in it now, I got the 16hp going but it was time for a rebuild, I just repowered it with a bigger twin engine.
@curtismundy If I use the Dayton as a tow tractor, i wont need rusticide, it would bee another useless tractor, I like my tractors to be able to do work, not really just play on. I have one or two play tractors already and thats enough of them, I need tractors that can mow, tow, or do other things.
@tylan13chuck no th rims and tires on the Dayton won't work on the LTV, I don't need a whole lot of tractors, I actually NEED to get rid of a few. I know the work on the LTV would be a complete waste, but thats how things go sometimes, I'll figure something out, and hopefully not upset everyone.
That's an MTD 800 series. They are tough. Second biggest MTD tractor next to the 900 series. It's a really reliable machine as a mower. The old school 4 speed Peerless makes it one of the good ones too. The ground drive is designed well, and the belts are really easy to change.
@Searsnut11 Cool, I love the 800 series, My red 88 is an 852, plus the Dayton and the Silver edition I have are 800s. Yeah you could easily just find the hubs and put them on yours, they just bolt on and have a key way, I wish I could find more of these cast iron rear ends.
@GarrettJDB My oldest is the 76 sears LT10/36, the dayton is second oldest, my 87 wards is third and my 88 MTD is forth. The rest that I have are various 90s made crap. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the Dayton just yet.
@76hotrodF250 yeah same old same old, yeah we always have that big bin clean up thing where people brings their crap, last year i got 8 mowers, a few where commercial toros, and an MTD snowblower....it was a good day haha!

Hydraulic winch test high speed

Hydraulic winch test, high speed.

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This is high speed (2nd gear) and it pulls 700-800kg. At 1st gear it goes 1/6 slower with 5000kg 
Verkar vara riktigt härligt ljud i dieselåttan där! Vill se den ta i ordentligt :)
How if it loaded and stuck, will it be at the same speed? 
Den matade på bra må jag säga!

Tower Brake & Winch Test


Honda ATV swamped

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