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Mini aussie male vs female Videos

Merle female miniature australian shepherd pups

Awesome family dogs female and males availables. Tri and merle. Parents on site and registrered ASDR and NSDR. Call or email for more info 509-762-5501 ...

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do you have a blue merle female? available?

Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy Blue Merle (May 2012 Female 2)

This is our little Blue Merle Female 2 from our Spring 2012 litter. You can see more information on this litter at: ...

Puzzle female puppies at Lindsey's Aussies group 1

This video features puppies from top Toy and Mini Aussie breeder, Lindsey Porter at Lindsey's Aussies aka Porter Horses (PorterHorses) The puppies in this ...

All Dog Adventures Agility Short

Brooke Duff - Say To You

The brand new release from Brooke Duff - Say To You iTunes NZ: //tinyurl.com/aktb4gd Shout outs to Jack & Channel from BMW Group NZ for the Mini ...

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this is a brilliant song and is on world class standards!!!! illegal is doin a great job with brooke duff..... if they were to cater to nz market only no one would get paid if anything it would cost them money to make a track cuz people would hate rather than support in nz thats just the way the cookie crumbles here for some weird reason - WELL DONE dope song DOPE vid :)
Amazing song, obviously, but here's what I don't get - On her EP just released, there is another song, "What Can I Say" which used the phrase "What can I say to you" over and over - the EXACT same lyric as on this song!! That just seems...weird :/ When you only have 4 or 5 songs out there, you dont wana make them all have the exact same lyrics...
I love New Zealand music and support it all the way, but why not create something original and specific to New Zealand rather than the American mass produced soulless formula of the sexualization of women.
I like this pop stuff...and proud it comes from Godzone...I hear what aGreyAreaProduction is saying...but I beg to differ..nice pop vibe...
OMG! This music should be in the states and Europe ..this is soooo better than some American music I've heard..
lol ok I think that chick over-reacted about the video game... it was just a touch of healthy competition.
come on they could've chosen a hotter Kiwi guy than that I've seen hot as Kiwis at the mall come on
this just tells you to be a bitch to good guys and be a slut with your mates goodsong though
it's called pop music for a reason... And pop music is always changing. Haters gon' hate.
is that why the zm pool party at sapphire springs was for?? to shoot her clip -.- dumb.
and are they swimming at sapphire springs? i live just down the road from there lol
Sss Sss Sss something something something else nosredna semaj nerraw fudd ekoorb


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