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Universal republic records hunger games soundtrack Videos

Lights lyrics by Phantogram from The Hunger Games:Catching Fire Soundtrack

Safe and Sound (Lyrics) by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

THIS SONG DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars "Safe & Sound" (from The Hunger Games soundtrack) (c) Universal Republic I am not ...

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anyone whatching this in 2015??
+Savage Christie im watching in 2016 like if u r too!
+Savage Christie me cuz why not!
+Savage Christie Yep!
you know Taylor and the Civil wars came up with the lyrics in one day
+Darius Tutt And thats why they're so OSM!!!

'The Hunger Games' Soundtrack

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guys stfu about miley ! if anyone's heard taylor swift's song for the album you'd know it's so amazingly soulful and beautiful, and it's PERFECT for katniss and peeta's time in the cave, I honestly don't think it could be better. she's created this song that contributes to the album so much, who says miley can't do the same? she's had amazing songs in the past, like the climb or when I look at you, so stop judging her talent only on what you see in the media and her songs like party in the usa.
Personally i like Miley.But on the hunger games sound tract...no thank you...But You Christina Perri how she did a Twilight song...I think she could do a great hunger games..I like her I don't know i like the way she singes with Emotion and A Beautiful throughty sound. Plus i think it also would be col if they did some undiscovered artist.Like i'm not a singer but i'v on you tube found some great singers.You know what i mean? just what think and some Suggestions.
HOW DOES TWILIGHT EVEN BEGIN TO COMPARE TO THE HUNGER GAMES? really someone please tell me. Also i believe this movie would not benefit from trashy pop or angsty music like the type that accompanied twilight. An instrumental track would greatly compliment this movie. But im sure that if miley gets anywhere near this, no one would hesitate to have a hoedown throwdown and cut that bitch.
I want: Bon Iver (Listen to Skinny Love and I cant make you love me - pure love) Muse (Can't you imagine Katniss fighting to a song by Muse?!) Hans Zimmer (pleease I mean listen to Lion King! He's Amazing!) Imogene Heap (For one of those sad moments....ooohw) Foster the People (Somehow I Imagen Peeta and Katniss in the train while a song by this band is playing... hell yeah)
Taylor Swift - Safe and Sound
no taylor swift no lady gaga, and definitely no miley cyrus!!!!!!!! this soundtrack should include epic bands like muse whose main repertoire is revolution. Anything poppy or shallow would ruin it. this is not twilight,although i have to admit twilight has some good music, but this is better than twilight so the soundtrack should be better too.
Okay please stop saying that u will kill yourself if Milley is in it. I really want to see the haters in her position reading all this comments. I wonder how she feels . If u don't like her or anything keep to yourself like a lot of ppl do , because they know that she is human 2 and have feelings 2. Try to think about it :/
The Hunger Games is a story of survival and rebellion, and finding hope in the shadow of tyranny. Twilight is about falling in love with a dude that stares at you constantly and rejecting the guy that is actually willing to make sacrifices. The only similarity? A love triangle. And that's where the similarities end.
WTF?! This is total nonesense. I mean, this is an epic saga where we expect some epic music, not just some strange sounding guitarrs and a mediocre piono... We're talking a big orchestra and music in Hans Zimmer style (inception, the dark knight, the last samurai)...
There's an amazing song that I heard a little while back by a British artist called Ed Sheeran. It's called grade 8. There's a line that says 'My mind is a warrior, my heart is a foreigner' and I think that pretty much sums up the situation Katniss is placed into.
they definitely need "shattered" by trading yesterday and "all about your heart" by mindy gledhill, "all about your heart" should be at the part when they kiss for real in the cave, that would be so beautiful but both of these songs should be in the movie !
I bet a lot of people might disagree with me, but I honestly think Show Me by Big Time Rush could be a good one to put on the soundtrack. Especially when they sing " now let the games, games begin" that's just my honest opinion, like it or not.
"we would love to hear miley cyrus on the soundtrack"......bitch please...that slut don't need to be in any part of the hunger games, and Liam hensworth is wasting his time with that slut...they're gunna turn out like kim and kris humphries.
What is that lady talking about? NOBODY WANTS HER AT ALL? Why do you think she has no FANS? What Is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? If you think putting Miley Cyrus in a GOOD movie is going to help ANYTHING AT ALL, GET YOURSELF CHECKED! PLEASE!!!!
Radiohead's In Rainbows album was on repeat for all three of the books when i was reading them...that album really works well with the entire feel of it all..so there best be some Thom Yorke or Radiohead, or I'm gonna be pissed. haha
I think Miley Cyrus is a good idea, she has the right voice for this movie. However, I don't think she'll go for it as people will think that Liam bought her a role in the film. Which is probable, but, just my opinion.
I think there should be a rock band some where on the cd, and have them sing a song for the games itself. It would be hate filled and so cool and about all the terrible stuff the capital does
Just because Liam and Miley are together doesn't mean she has to be on the soundtrack. So don't put her in the soundtrack. Because i predict that alot of people are gonna commit suicide.
OMG hunger games is nothing like twilight! Twilight is about vampires werewolves and love hunger games is about love and death soo stop with the team peeta and team gale!
Adele's Someone Like You would be perfect for the hunger games movie soundtrack, I think in the part when peeta finds out katniss wasn't really madly in love with him.
Don't know why they are making comparisons. They are two separate things, albeit The Hunger Games actually has a plot and a theme, while Twilight is just pointless.
Listen to set fire to the rain by Adele .. It's perfect for hungry games . Like lyrics and all sound like the time when peeta and katniss was In the cave xD
Honestly, I want another Taylor Swift Hunger Games song... I never really like her music until "Safe & Sound" P.S. We all get it, no one wants Miley Cyrus!
thank the lord miley wasnt on the soundtrack. and no i dont wanna hear her annoying voice. she sounds like shes been smoking. even when she was hannah.
Personally I've always associated Coheed and Cambria with the Hunger Games. Like "Wake Up" during a Katniss and Peeta scene or something like that.
They should use some tracks off of Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns, its got an apocalyptic feel to it and would fit perfectly in The Hunger Games

Dystopia - Episode 5: Put Down Your Swords

Rue's Farewell - James Newton Howard | The Hunger Games

Rue's death meant Katniss' reason to begin this whole revolution. This feeling of vengeance increasing into her is very well represented in this masterpiece.

Dystopia - Episode 2: We are All Strong and Fit and Smart

"Kingdom" by Charli XCX featuring Simon Le Bon

"Kingdom" by Charli XCX featuring SImon Le Bon from the "Mockingjay" soundtrack [part of the HUNGER GAMES] on Universal Republic.

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I swear the older Simon gets the better he sounds!
A voz do Simon le bon dá de 10 nesta música.
Simon your the best charli xcx is the bomb 
2:37-3:05 Everything is better with Simon
Bravo! Well donne Simon !!! Congrats
Charlie xcx the besssssttt
Short and sweet. 
I love this song
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