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Nikola tesla birthday Videos

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

A few days early, but I've never been one to give a gift on time. Nikola tesla was the man who gave us today, yesterday. He was a brilliant scientist, inventor, ...

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A great man who gave so much but died alone, his innovations including the basic principle for the fluorescent tube, not commercially available until late 1940's and so much more...Sad to say his creation known as H.A.A.R.P. is being abused for warfare and mind-control, but can it be used to reverse global warming? Can lightning be harnessed for power generation?
nice song, I come here to listen to it very often ever since it's been posted. I'm sure if Nikola Tesla was alive, he would've liked it too.
U have amazed me and not many others. Thank u for putting this on Youtube!
The world needs more "Brilliant Brainiacs" like him.

Nikola Tesla - "152 years from his Birthday"

Dedicated to Nikola Tesla. (9/10 July 1856 & 9/10 July 2008) songs taken from album: "balkan Routes vol.1: Nikola Tesla" Executive producer: Dimitris Meidanis ...

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Born in Smiljan, Croatian Krajina, Austrian Empire, he was an ethnic Serb subject of the Austrian Empire and later became an American citizen.
Polli Oera......!^^ Greetings to all musicians...!!

It's Nikola Tesla's Birthday!

Please share your thoughts at //milostopic.com I mentioned Nikola Tesla ( //milostopic.com/2009/01/07/nikola-tesla/ ) on the anniversary of his death ...

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maureenOWW, I have removed your first (rude) comment as no one needs to be insulted especially not by someone like you who might have missed several important lessons along the way. This is my opinion and as such I respect yours and those of others, but comparing Faraday or Maxwell to a man who invented radio, AC, wireless transmission, remote control, x-ray, neon lights, electric motor and many other things we all use daily is a bit much. Also, try to lighten up a bit, you'll live longer.
"FactualTruthProvider" mainstream books? Are you serious, the fact that you call Tesla a showman tells me how little you know about him. Edison was the showman and worked hard on disproving Tesla's accomplishments. Tesla didn't claim most of his inventions but have been recognized by other brilliant minds of his time. Please stop hiding behind a false name and so some research from something else other than top 10 hits of Google search.
Keely, T. Townsend Brown, Faraday, Heinrich Hertz, Viktor Schauberger, Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Professor John Searl (my boss, mentor and teammate),Dr. Edmund Storms of Los Alamos, Dr. Steven Greer, the late Dr. Eugene Malloeve, Tom Valone, Robert Lazar, James Woodward, Dr. Shinichi Seiki, Takaaki Musha, Eiji Tsuburaya, Inoshiro Honda...
This person, maureenOWW, has a huge inferiority-complex (like flowerbower) as you can see from her poisoned-postings. Her kind are a dying breed, made so by our new age of free-flow of information of the internet, and the inarguable reality of working hardware, not vaporware. Peace.

"Judgement Day" (Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla 2014)

"Croats are the bravest nation in the world, not because they aren't afraid of anybody, but because they aren't ashamed of anything" -- J. Dučić (poet and ...

Birthday Harlem Shake @KUD Nikola Tesla Uster

Harlem Shake in KUD Nikola Tesla Uster For my 20th Birthday and hun's 18th Birthday! Love you guys!

happy birthday Mr. Tesla! LOVE ARCATTACK!

ArcAttack Birthday Tribute to Nikola Tesla!

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An apt comment from Wikipedia.. Tesla was widely known for his great showmanship, presenting his innovations and demonstrations to the public as an artform, almost like a magician. This seems to conflict with his observed reclusiveness; Tesla was a complicated figure. He refused to hold conventions without his Tesla coil blasting electricity throughout the room, despite the audience often being terrified, though he assured them everything was perfectly safe. :)
Dumb drummer doesn't know it's in 3/4. Are they sponsored by Hartke?
syncopation plus dance humor = crazy fun electric time happy dance!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to everyone 
Happy Birthday, Nikola!!!!!!!
10 July 1856 7 January 1943
Have an awesome birthday!
The drummer is a robot.
ha, happy B-day Tesla.
Happy Birthday Nikola!
when was HE born?

Happy Birthday played by OneTesla Tesla coil on low power.

Nikola Tesla - (TA) Birthday Wishes (HD)

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LOVE This!! Thank you Niko & F.F. XOXOXO Suky

Thanks, Nikola Tesla

"The speech "Human can achieve the impossible" is not sufficient. Because human can also achive beyond the impossible." - Nikola Tesla * Happy birthday, ...

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The speech "Human can achieve the impossible" is not sufficient. Because human can also achive beyond the impossible. - Nikola Tesla
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