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Nikola tesla arc reactor Videos

From Nikola Tesla to John Searl, Inventing Our Positive Future

Nikola Tesla, a cosmic visionary and brilliant scientist, foresaw the need to develop nonpolluting, limitless wireless energy for planet Earth. Tesla worked in-tune ...

Tesla Reactor 3,6,9

This started out as a junk nothing project,where all common sense was thrown out the window. It has ended up being quite interesting,and deserves a little more ...

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Giving tesla credit in my mind isn't about getting attention! Thats for sure! He got screwed out of credit for his work and since his research put Edisons work to shame I feel he deserves credit. My research couldn't touch his but it was based off of his and so I want no credit for his work.
The only isue is you ree using the power from the wall, I have a solution that would make your system completely standalone and never run out of power, lets come together and solve the energy needs of the world
Cool project. Sometimes tossing some modern common sense can lead to new discoveries ;)
"Now we've got a disco" that crack me up, pissed myself laughing!! 

Kimmo Kaunela - Environment Showreel

Showreel contains couple of my UDK environments. All the content execpt the music is made by me. #1 Nikola Tesla lab Nikola Tesla was the most important ...

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1 rockfeller dislike this video, awesome man!

Nikola Tesla BIGGEST SECRET REVEALED (with English subtitles)

Main video-Link to the Main video Part 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIh25jSrM9A Main video-Link to the Main video Part ...

Nikola Tesla - Wizard of Electricity

Find out how to generate free electricity here://thealienportal.com/free-electricity For more exclusive content check://TheAlienPortal.com Nikola Tesla ...

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the greatest tech mind of our time
lol dungeons & dragons is a tag

Nikola Tesla and zero point energy, now you can make free energy generator in your home

//www.Mag-Energy.com - The power innovator program is made by prof. Dr. Richard Goran, inspired by Nikola Tesla, probably the greatest engineers of all ...

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I think that is nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google INPLIX and learn how to do it easily.
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