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Nikola tesla award recipients Videos

Risky Business

2014 Legacy Awards: Youth In Action Award Recipient Andres Parra

Andres Parra is a remarkable Arizona 4-Her who credits 4-H for putting him on a path to success, and empowering him to have a similarly positive impact on his ...

Recipient of the MARY PICKFORD Award, Vanessa Williams

Distinguished songstress, Broadway extraordinaire, television sensation and acclaimed motion picture actress, Vanessa Williams accepting 2010 MARY ...

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awe!! I love her! And I loved Wilhelmina Slater! So sad its over :'(
Really nice speech.
Where da sound at!

David Copperfield Magician Biography

David Copperfield Magician Biography David Copperfield is a world-famous magician whose tricks include making the Statue of Liberty disappear and walking ...

Benefits Of Cosmic Energy Transformers, Power Innovator Program Review

//www.PowerInnovatorPrograms.com - It is immediately obvious that the power innovator program presents a fairly significant claim and one that many ...

Free Energy Home Generator SCAM, Power Innovator Review ?

//www.PowerInnovatorPrograms.com Power Innovator is basically a step by step guide, which will help you to create a special device to save energy costs.


The Healing Energy of 432Hz,The Tone of Nature.A=432 Hz, known as Verdi's 'A' is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe.

AMC Int'l Mews - Professor Seung-Jung Park selected as winner of Top Scientist Award

Diane Marcu: The History & Role of Neutrinos in Astrophysics

The Mulligan Memorial Lecture is given annually on a subject related to the history of science. The lecture is given by the recipient of the Mulligan Award in ...

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What role, other than perplexing physicist, does a neutrino play? Do they decay? If some experiments are effected by the act of observation, perhaps, neutrinos, can convey intent.
great lecture...thanks
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