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Nikola tesla's flat inductive bifilar coil Videos

hydro4f3a 012 - pancake coil with speaker wire

Bifilar wound pancake coil using speaker wire on edge. Makes two bifilar wound coils at once. Just connect the ends as specified by Nikola Tesla.

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Hi. No Joke. Just making coils with what I have. In this case, the speaker wire makes (2) bifilar wound coils with exactly the same number of turns. The coils are 60uH inductance each, very well matched. They seem to have a lot of capacitance because of the insulation. May be good for something....
At one point i studdied some the supressed Stubblefield methods (earth batteries) and all of the coils that capture the Earth resonant 'telluric' field were "pancake" style! thanks for vid!
Double sided tape...Brilliant. Why didn't I think of it? Now on my list when I go to the hardward store. Thanks for posting your pancake coil vid's, spawned lots of ideas.
Very helpful video for a project I'm working on - 4x the normal output of a regular pancake coil! Is the speaker wire you're using solid or stranded?
Thanks. The speaker wire is single strand. The insulation is pretty thick so take that into consideration. Let me know how your coils turn out !
thanks! making my first tesla coil and this will work great since copper tubing and wire in general is damn expensive where I am at right now.
thats pretty much how i make spiral coils but lately i use another cd-r on top with something heavy on it
Thanks Luc, resonance may have to wait until I can repair the broken signal gen that I bought.
Great job hydro4f3a, let us know how your Resonance tests perform. Thanks for sharing Luc
Interesting , I was naked such coils too in the past , good work:)
very cool ! Thanks for sharing.

Testing a new bifiilar flat Tesla coil GEGENE v1.1 -

Here a video of the GEGENE v1.1 with a new bifilar flat coil at the output. More infos: www.jlnlab.com *** Please Like, Comment and Subscribe ...

Energy transfer between two tesla bifilar pancake coils

I have no idea at what kind of efficiencies this transfer is taking place - this little experiment was done to see if the idea worked - clearly it does and i love it!

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you sir are too cynical - the world is full of magic and just down right strange and interesting things. It is the sheer wonder of the world that keeps me interested and experimenting. You are right it is induction but it is q coupled and at a distance - the efficiency is probably terrible but it took phone companies ages to come up with the idea of using this simple principle to charge mobiles - probably because they had no sense of the magic of the world
This video reminded me of somthing in a Tesla documentary about the Wycliff Tower... I think some high frequency lighting of florescent tubes using this coil would be in order for a future video. You and I are cut from similar cloth when it comes to passion for science.
Coolness, It will be a while before I can test it out, it sounds so simple though, I bet it works! lol. Transferring the power to a battery on the ground will be a challenge though, maybe commutators, or something, I dunno yet..........
Good idea - upload if you will so i can see - I tried with magnets on the blades of a savonius with the coils static - some interesting results - i might resurrect the experiment and post it later.
Very cool, this verifies my thoughts about those type of coils, can't wait to see if they work on a savonius type windmill!
Yeah I love it I have been working on this one for a bit now as a way of wirelessly sending energy
Thank you - it's good to hear from someone who isn't just cynical lol
it's called induction... why is this magical?
"how cool is that?" FUCKING AWESOME

Tesla Bifilar Coil Design with ABRAMS LaB Slayer Exciter Design TEST 1

my new .5amp spot welder.lol:)

Tesla Bifilar and Hairpin Bifilar Windings Compared

There seems to be some confusion and misconception about the use of the term "bifilar" in coil windings. Two "files" or wires parallel on the form... but how they ...

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Very informative demonstration. I am going to try the true Tesla Bi-filar for my ZVS driven solid state resonant transformer wireless field creator... I hope it drives a nice wireless field... I will be up till dawn working on it. Thanks for sharing TK.
+TinselKoala Great. That makes me feel better. I'll leave them out for now... I just ordered one of those economy kits of ZD's 2V-48V 300 piece sets.... And heck, even if I blow the IRFP260N's I have 10 (got them off ebay, probably know offs)... It usually takes me 3 or 4 tries to not burn things out :)That is a really smart idea. about the voltage regulator, it would have to be heat-sinked good depending on how high you want to push things? I'm not sure if I have one of those kicking around. I know I have a few voltage regulators somewhere in my mess..... hence the upgrade renos on my garage (custom work space and storage, more organisation is desperately need in my home-work space)... Again, thanks for your help and I look forward to watching the demonstration video when it is uploaded. Peace.
+Binj KomisarI haven't even been using Zeners in my recent ZVS circuits. TinselKoil VII doesn't have them, neither does this induction heater. Just UF4007s. I did put in a 7812 regulator for the gate circuit, so I can use higher input voltages but still run the gates on 12V. Seems to work so far.
+TinselKoala Very nice. I have a small SE ciruit and coils that likes to resonate at 890kHz. The resonant transformer I just made is a solid 260kHz, using the TIP42C circuit. It puts off a nice field but draws extremely little current.  I am going to look at what I have for quality capacitor and choose my route that way. I look forward to seeing the demonstration.... Question, I was able to rummage out of the junk pile 2 zener diodes.. One is 22V and the other is an 11V. Is this going to cause me issues as most ZVS circuits call for 12V Zener Diodes? Anyways, I guess there is only one way to find out.    Peace   :)
I just now finished building a new ZVS, to experiment with. Made an induction heater work coil. Will be posting a video demonstration in a few minutes.Frequency is about 130 kHz, 11 turn center-tapped work coil of 1 uH inductance. IRFP260n mosfets, 24 VDC input, sine wave voltage across work coil is around 200 v p-p.For magnetic and electric field power transfer I like higher frequencies, 800 kHz is good for magnetic, 4 MHz for electric.

Take a look under the hood of a Mini Mood-o-Matic!

This video shows the inner workings of a Mini Mood-o-Matic, as well as the calibration process. Here is a link to Nikola Tesla's 1896 patent that serves as the ...
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