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Ferrari 355 timing belt replacement Videos

1987 BMW E30 325iC first start new timing belt

took 3 hours and a specialized tool. could do it again in half that. when I revved it with disconnected ATF lines, the garage became drenched in ATF. smart, ...

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What specialized tool did you need? I'm about to try and tackle this job.
32mm slim wrench for the fan clutch nut. the rest is standard.

Redemarrage F355.wmv

First restart after the full service at 23000 Km.

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smoking ....

Ferrari Cambelt Check

Ferrari Cambelt Check.

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I don't own a Ferrari but have found many of your videos useful regardless, especially the timing belt ones, I'm totally paranoid about having the correct cambelt tension and destroying my newly rebuilt engine! I find the tension gauges by themselves don't seem very precise so I combine it with the 45° method, I'd be even more nervous with an engine of that value! Look forward to seeing more videos.
+Elliot N Hi Elliot, the key to getting the right belt tension is keep rotating the engine to various random points and apply the 45 degree test as shown that believe it or not I've been doing to all my Lotus cars and both Ferrari cars since 1989 it's quick simple, safe and reliable.Guages are good but only good if operated correctly, and believe me I've seen some clever complicated gear operated completely wrongly. Sometimes simple is best ;-)All the best, Doc

Officina Valenti - Ferrari 355 Tubi style Exhaust - Sound

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