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Ferrari 355 tyre pressure Videos

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#1122. UAZ on Low-Pressure Tyres [RUSSIAN AUTO TUNING]

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Forza Nürburgring 6:21.777

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got to admit but gran turismo is the best racing game like...its the most famous......in 2001 the first gran turismo game came out and it was the biggest game selling in the world that year...i started playing gran turismo when i was like 6....and now i have a shot to get sponserd by redbull
????...????, Don't quite know how to respond to that other than to say that I could always make an anti-chopper sniping video (I have the footage just no way making it digital, or a way to edit it) and put the clip of me sniping you out of the minibird on Hidden in it...lol!!!
It really depends on the kind of racing game you're after. If you want a very hardcore simulator that isn't very forgiving, then go with Forza. If, however, you want something with decent realism but a slightly "arcadey" feel, then go with PGR2. Hope that helps. :-)
Yeah it´s like a rock around bell... For me the top of racing games for now, as I´ve played them all: Gran Turismo 5(it will be the best best racing game ever) Forza Moto 3 Gran Turismo Forza Moto Forza Moto 2(a lit bit dissapointing..)
Yeah its straight line braking and then "apexing" the corner(check out the set-up in the description), oh and we logged on at almost the same time so I was watching it at the same time you were...lol.
he's fantastic. but i have to say, on this game the corners are less tight. the hardest you can get with the corners on nurbirgring is grand turismo 4 haha should i get this game for my xbox or pgr2
hahaha play it without the abs and manual if you think you are that good i beat with all the dificult, except the difficult of the racers, the S series with a enzo ferrari, that moves like shit XD
Thanks, but as other top drivers always say, "...real cars have a pedal, I have a trigger..." so yeah a think it's pretty fair. And thanks for bumping me up to three stars even.
Oh and DaBomb... I know your real name but o well.... i should hopefully be posting either a rockband video or a call of duty video for you to watch soon =]
Crazymetallian is right u r good but abs and tractioncontrol are assistance too. Its more challanging. I still play forza 1 sometimes and i love it
Nice Run, very nice indeed. Car is a classic =) Hoping for a post with a harder car to handle with a nice time ;)

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