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Fiat 500 custom Videos

Fiat 500 Custom Exhaust

Exhaust clip from start up, idle, accelerating and at cruising speed, also done with sunroof open partially as well as closed. This one is around 6 minutes roughly ...

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I love the sound the 500 makes with the muffler removed. I have been considering removing my muffler from my 15' Pop. My only concern is with back pressure and any negative effects removing the muffler could have on performance. How long did you run your sport without the muffler? Were there any noticeable drawbacks to performance, or any other areas when doing this? Any trouble with warranty from doing this? 
I ran the car like this for a few months before I traded for an Abarth. There are MANY people on several forums I frequent that have done the same and none of us have had any negative results in any areas. With 101HP I don't think there is much issue with pressures and as stated so many have done this mod without any complaints. It has been too long now but if there is any real change it is a minimal amount of torque that gets changed if I recall. A few added a resonator to quiet it down as the volume isn't for everyone. Warranty should not be affected, for a warranty to be voided the problem must be proven to be a direct cause of a mod and in cutting the muffler you accept you remove any warranty to the muffler itself but otherwise you should not have to be concerned. I really loved the sound as well, hope you enjoy your Pop! If you join some of the Fiat forums you'll gain so much information and tips and see mods and examples of what the results are...truly a great (and free) resource!

Street Customs Fiat edition speciale

Custom Fiat 500 T Exhaust and Custom Intake

Both Exhaust and Intake were build or designed by me. The exhaust was kinda just a idea I had. The intake I did work on and build. Still some things I would like ...

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You need to get rid of that stock intake pipe. That's still a monster restriction. If you just like the sounds then good enough but once you get tuned or run a signal modifier box, it will hold you back.
what kit did you use ? 

FIAT 500 Custom Exhaust

DNX Full Flow Performance muffler... Resonator has been cut out and replaced with a straight stainless pipe. Clip was taken before i installed my Road Race ...

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I don't really like the noise this exhaust makes, sound like any ofher 4 cylinder, the magnetti morelli version sounds ridiculous. It's low on power always wanting you to be in the right gear but that's what's fun about it at least for some. It's also good that it's light. The handling is quite good but the brakes for me feel a bit spongy. Hopefully a set of more aggressive pads take care of that. Overall I really like it especially with the Bose stereo :)
@Talkshitgethit69 There is not much of a difference in performance as far as the exhaust goes, but the air intake i have defiantly does make a huge difference. There is nothing to worry about as long as you get the Sport model. Its a blast to drive and people will stop you everywhere you go ... :) i suggest taking one out for a test drive if your not sure yet but i can assure you, buying one will not leave you disappointed
@Talkshitgethit69 its a little bit down on power... but boy it is fun to drive!!! the handling is just superb!! I took curves at 95 mph and the dampers work just fine! you are planted to the road!
sounds awesome can you feel the difference over stock? im thinking about getting the sport but im kinda of worried that it doesnt have enough power to be fun to drive
Sounds almost identical to mine and all I did was cut the resonator off and out a glasspack on lol
Where did you buy your DNX Full Flow Muffler?!?! Please answer fast!
Sounds excellent

Fiat 500 Sport with local muffler shop custom exhaust...which means removal of the heavy rear muffler, small straight pipe and a slightly larger (better looking) tip ...

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just did my exhaust today, and it sounds great. but I'm thinking until i get a cai I'm not gonna get this sound. mine sounds rather restrained
+EE#9 As I mentioned it had been a pretty long time so I didn't recall the degree of change in adding the CAI. When I had my Sport I had the intake from Road Race Motorsports. If I were buying one right now I'd most likely buy this one... //afepower.com/shop/details_new.php?partno=54-12512&filter&menu=gas&engine=1.4L&searchtype=vehicle&make=Fiat&model=500&year=2013&engine=1.4L&&brandID=53I don't know the differences between the filter options but I have seen this intake in person and it seems to be the most well designed currently. Glad you are enjoying the car...and more exhaust noise now too!
awesome, thanks for the heads up. how was highway drone? I'm considering the resonator delete as well but if you say it was plenty loud enough with out I'll try it that way first. if i were to go cat back straight piped, do you think it'd be worth it to increase the pipe diameter? thanks for entertaining my questions!
+EE#9 I really don't think you'll gain much performance changing the size but it is pretty loud just removing the muffler. Some removed their resonator and later added back because it was too loud and less refined sounding. Of course you can always go back and remove the resonator at a later date but you'll probably be happy just doing the muffler. I also had a rear seat delete (my car was used for the prototype) from rearseatdelete.com and so my car was louder in the cabin. To me highway drone was never a problem but of course such things are very much an individual opinion. I think most are happy with the muffler delete, many people have done it on the forums and all pretty much love the sound.
ok, I'm really digging this sound and i want it for my new pop. is it just a muffler delete? or did you delete the resonator as well? also what diameter pipe did you use for the straight pipe? thanks for the feedback!
+EE#9 First thank you, I really enjoyed the sound a LOT as well. I have an Abarth now and haven't had this Sport for a few years. What I had done was a muffler delete only. Sort of an axle back modification, straight pipe was put in place of the muffler that was of matching diameter to stock pipe. Then the tip was welded onto the pipe and this was the resulting sound. I really enjoyed the sound, to me not too loud but because I didn't want to go to crazy loud the resonator remained untouched. Cost was I think $70 bucks.

Hot wheels Fiat 500 custom

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Totally cool. I love the wheels. You got to send me some of those.

VERY Loud Fiat 500 Abarth Custom Exhaust

Fiat 500 Abarth Custom exhaust. No cat and no muffler, straight pipe from the turbo.

2012 Fiat 500 sport custom

2012 Fiat 500 sport custom.
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