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Fiat 500 japan Videos

fiat500 cinquecento in Japan!

We are Shiga Cinquecento Club in Japan. We love fiat500. We have fiat meeting every month!! This movie introduced my S.C.C Welcome to Our site ...

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I have a fantastic 500 F 1968 to sell? Anybody interested? Thanks
thanks for love this little italian piece of art^_^

Few Japan: Tiziana Alamprese : Love Branding: Fiat 500 in Japan

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What a dynamic lady and new friend. I love her spirit and tenacity in her work, but above all, her passion for life.

500% FIAT! Fiat 500 in Japan: a love story

Fiat 500 road trip to Japan: Nara

The Fiat bloggers continued their road trip with Fiat 500 in wonderful Nara prefecture.

Fiat 500 road trip to Japan: Koyasan

The Fiat bloggers with Fiat 500 visited Koyasan mountain: a historic and traditional place where are set numerous buddhist temples.
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