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Fiat 500 x price in egypt Videos

Mohamed Abd el Latif with the official channel of Egypt AL masriya[2010-10-22-21-8-33].mpg

Interview for Mr. Mohamed Abd el Latif with the el masriya channel the official satellite channel of Egypt talking about the corruption of the CDWS and the last ...

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thanks ya ahmed but after losing 2 years of my life and a lots of money you can't imagine it. and no respect for the law it will be stupid from me to stand. if you call it fail it's ok from me as ahmed zowael and 1000's of good egyptian left the country. my brother Ahmed i didn't loss my self i did what the maximum i can do. now i'm very happy out of egypt and when the things change in egypt me and a lot of egyptian have been throw out of they country are ready to come back. wish u all z best
@tifamo Brother, In this country, I los many things also because of STUPID rules and laws. I was in the same position as you. I lost my business and no one would hire me because I only do Tec AND I could not open a dive center either! Zeyad el Basil simply told me "If you don't have the license you can't work" So I do understand what it is like. But SCREW THEM man!!!! You are z better one, your industry needs you! Come home
Dude, sorry to hear about your losses. But this is something that is happening to all of us. So what we do is stand our ground and fight... sorry old man, but leaving the country is the easy way out and I hope that I can encourage you to stay and succeed! Leaving is the same as saying "I failed"
Momo....you are the best tech instructor!!!!!!!!!!!! many kisses

fiat bravo 2013

New FIAT PUNTO Facelift 2014

New fiat punto 2015 facelifted launch in very soon.I will give review on New Fiat punto 2014 facelift.New punto comes with petrol & diesel engine.FIAT launching ...

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Well better than last Evo

2016 Mini Countryman New Oveview Specs Price

2016 Mini Countryman New Oveview Specs Price : 2016 MINI Countryman is a new car from MINI that will come as a new model in 2016, this car will have a ...
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