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Mitsubishi mirage sat nav Videos

2016 Scion iA Sat-Nav issues: works sporadically and stays in loading mode

2016 Scion iA Sat-Nav problems: Does not always load.

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Hi, some background on the issue: Car bought 3 months ago, Nav card installed 3 months ago, 4 days after I took the car home. Been working fine all this time. Two weeks ago, started to not want to load, oh, probably every 3rd attempt. Then it would not load until the 9th or 10th attempt, taking a very long time. I unpaired my BT phone, took out the card, put it back on, etc... Do not know how to re-set the nav system, not covered in the manual. Took it to Toyota of South Florida. Diagnosis: "Can't duplicate problem." Grrrr. Took it back home, same exact problem (takes this long to load, it now happens EVERY time, resets the system, drops my call if I'm on one, etc...). Shot this video; took it back to Toyota of South Florida (they wouldn't even watch the video I brought). Diagnosis: "We don't know, we'll call Toyota and get back to you." Of course, since I bought the nav card from another dealer, that's the first thing they're trying to blame. OF NOTE: If you don't have the nav card installed, the car will show a compass instead, and a message that your car has no nav and to go buy it from the dealer. But the compass shows: position (long, lat, altitude) and heading. My car's compass, without the card, often shows NO long or lat, but it alt does seem to change. Sometimes, it will show long and lat, but it stays fixed (stuck), and sometimes heading also gets stuck. To me, it's obvious that the compass is broken, that's why it won't load. But I've tried to tell Toyota of South Florida, and they're not interested in my comments. I took this video after their attempt #1 to show them the problem, but they wouldn't even view the video. Later, they called me to view the video, so I put it here so they can access it anytime, anywhere.
Did you perhaps try taking the Nav card out, leaving it out for 10-20 seconds, and then inserting it again? Or maybe it was because you were in a parking garage (dead spot for navigation and cell service usually) when you started the car(?)
i have a scion ia and it does not take that long to load. You need to take it in to get it repaired.

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