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Dodge brothers cars wikipedia Videos


Dodge Dart 2013 Funny Commercial America - 2013 CCTV Car TV HD

CCTV - Car Commercial TV HD Cool Car Commercials Sexy, Hot, Funny, Banned Car Commercials Subscribe 4 More CCTV fun.... The Dodge Dart is a compact ...

Dodge VAN

Payday 2 - The Man with the Golden Gun - DW - Solo & Duo (SWE)

Payday 2 - The Man With The Golden Gun - Jewelry Store - Death Wish - Solo & Duo Team - Loud (Update 71) ...

iWhore wikipedia vandalisms FUCKNG HILARIOUS!! (iJustine)

Collection of iwhore ijustine wiki wikipedia vandalism over the last week RE ijustine malaria Wikipedia ijustine ipad ipod review Fuck you iwhore.

User Comments

so you make fun of virgins who go on the internet to watch videos by sitting on your arse on the internet taking the piss out of someone you don't even know? i don't wanna sound like a bender here but seriously, she gets payed shitloads for doing her hobby, just making videos. Whereas you probably get £3 an hour down at your local supermarket selling talcen powder to 40 year old mothers and then go home to start hating someone from helousy :L i know which life i'd chose :)
I dont care if you hate her or not all im saying is LEAVE HER ALONE! Are you going to go off to your grand kids and say " look how kind you grandfather/grandmother is! I used to hate on this idiot all the time and thats what u should do to! No. Just no. So take this in mind im not saying you have to like iJustine, im just saying leave her alone. Maybe your friends are laughing now but i can tell you your partner or kids will not be smiling.
LOL this is seriously hilarious how people waste their time by making videos like this I'm an Ijustine fan but this is getting down right ridiculous, who asked you to make a video about her? Who asked you to pay attention to her? No one it's just so funny how humans are getting more pathetic. I hope at least are happy with the thing you've accomplished I doubt Justine stops making videos only because you pathetic people are hating on her.
@tjohn1986 Lmfao! Dude i'm not a fanboy XD I'm not even subbed to IJustine. Just because someone says something negative about this video, doesn't necessarily mean they're a "fanboy/subscribed to ijustine". Fucking retard XD Listen kid, you don't even fucking know me. So why don't you shut the fuck up and go back to making videos of youtubers you don't like, like this video. P.S You're pathetic.
First of all, this is cyber bullying and bullying is against the law. They can trace to whoever did this and they could go to jail. Think about it. All you guys are are jealous that she is funny and beautiful. The only resin why she is hated is because you guys are jealous. I promise you, if you keep doing this to her page, you'll get in trouble.
@MrJewChild lol another gold! I don't think ive ever seen anyone contradict themself so fast! so by your own logic you must have a worse job than selling talcum powder to have bothered to take "the piss out of me" which life you'd choose? you are 14 fucking years old, you can't even choose your brand of underwear. get the fuck out
this is the stupidest and childish thing ever -_- justine is a real person, you know? do you even imagine how she could feel, if she saw this? if you don't like her, that's fine, however don't hate! she puts her videos on youtube for our enjoyment, how can people do this. Its really sad, that exist people like that in this world
I love seeing people defend a person that makes money off of people who die. "She is so pretty and awesome, and you're all jealous because she has millions of subs", That just shows how many idiots their are out in the world. Anyone who defends her for these actions is nothing but a fool and a complete idiot.
@tjohn1986 Wow it would be very hard for me to "wank off" concidering I'm a girl. I wasn't even commenting about Justine I was commenting about the video which I have a right to do, since you posted this on a public website. If you can't handle criticism then maybe you shouldn't post videos.
i dont understand how someone can edit something like that, then have it removed by wikipedia. how does wikipedia know that she ISNT also known as iwhore. how does wikipedia even know certain things are complete bullshit and some things arent. its like they are god or sumthin
Wait wait.. if u all hate ijustine then why the fuck do you even watch her vids? I personaly dislike her, BUT I DON'T FUCKING WAISTE MY TIME WITH HER FANATIC FANBOYS. If u dislike her, THEN STOP GIVING A SHIT ABOUT HER. Ij fans, what the fuck are u even foing here?
@xXHalo132Xx hmm I have more subs and views than you, so by your own logic you must be jealous of me. haha how many of my videos have you watched, now tell me this - how many of your videos have I bothered to watch? haha thx for watching dumb fan boy shit
imo yea it may be slightly fun to do, but don't you think you guys might end up giving her more popularity. Especially with all the things about bullying, cyber bullying, etc. going around. Oh and you guys seem a bit hypocritical now
@TheMotherBleeper She's hot, but she's also dumb as shit and only plays video games because she gets paid to do it. To be a fan of iJustine is to be a mouth-breathing, CoD-playing middle schooler. No thumbs for you.
She's on imdb, go troll the hell out of her on her message board!! Her real name is Justine Ezarik, so far there's about 6 topics by virgin fanboys saying how great she is, ATTACK!!!!! imdb- (.)com/name/nm3891360/
@justanunusedaccount how is she a whore? i mean its a WEBSITE! you dont even know her....if you dont like her videos dont watch them. but dont be hateful to somebody you have no right to judge.
*is alented beautiful funny and i justine if u ever see this video looks at the amount of dislikes and u will see you are still the inspiring person who encouraged me to make my utube channel

History of the Dodge Dart

photo history of the dodge dart. music By The Jimi Hendrix Experience. song Ezy Rider. more info on the Dodge Dart @ //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Dart.

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falto el dart k
Darts Rule!

Travis Pastrana Fun Car Test Dodge Dart Funny Commercial - 2013 CCTV Car TV HD

CCTV - Car Commercial TV HD Cool Car Commercials Sexy, Hot, Funny, Banned Car Commercials Subscribe 4 More CCTV fun.... Travis Alan Pastrana (born ...
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