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Romper room wichita kansas Videos

Remembering Wichita South in the 1960's5 min

Dockum Sit-In Promo clip

KPTS production of Dockum Sit in - Coming Spring 2009,

West Side Snow 1.2.14

West Side Snow 1.2.14.

Black Light Burns "Lie" Odessa, TX

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dammed..this suxx ass :D hopefully in early future a professional live vidof blb will appear..löl i like wes and the blb songs, but this was like me and my old garageband 10 years ago ^^
Standing that close u hear a lot of the stage monitor wedges which is not the accurate representation of how the mix sounds thru the front-of-house speakers.
Talk about underground.. Awesome video. And great to see Wes doing something else than the circus he was used to in LB.
saying limp bizkit is a circus, is another way of saying that limp bizkit sucks, black light burns are way better!
this sounds soo baad.... i knew that wes is ont able to sing these songs alive anyway blb have great album
yeah dude i rock !!! very good video viva la limp bizkit and wes borland forever
It's bad quality,when a good quality one will be posted ,then u can criticize
he sings quite OK, but when it comes to shouting in chorus then he sucks :P
Borland is using a TVL!!!! That nigga has taste
fuckinh intense. wes is tha fucking man!
Awesome! Thanks for posting.
they suck live ^^

Mama I'm bleeding!

Yes, getting 4 wisdom teeth extracted does involve blood! And yes, your walrus "task" did fall out......

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lol sorry i laughed Sally

The new Kakeman

Santa and Kakeman are back!

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Do you remember an ad for David's featuring Rowlf the dog? In the ad, Santa was tiptoeing around the house and placing gifts under the tree while Rowlf the dog was peeking around the corner. At one point Santa spies Rowlf and puts his finger to his lip as if to say shhh. The jingle had words that went something like "David's the store for your kind of Christmas, David's the store that you're looking for, for (something I can't remember). The ad ran during the santa and toyboy show
I'm surprised some of you don't recall that when Santa's Workshop moved to Channel 12 they kept the puppet but renamed him Toyboy, same puppet and voice. And yes I too recall Uncle Bill. I also recall one horrid day they left the camera going after the show and we saw some stuff with woody and the other puppet kids weren't meant to see LOL. Enjoyed the Freddy Fudd show too. Sad these local programming shows don't get done anymore.
And though I seem to be the only one who remembers him, I remember watching a show on Sunday monrings called "Uncle Bill Reads The Funnies" he would read the Sunday comics with his sidekick "Woody". KAKEman was by far the best, I think I looked more forward to Santa's Workshop than Christmas itself as a kid.
@schulte1321 I watched Uncle Bill every Sunday. I still imagine the voices that he used when I read Blondie, Beetle Bailey and Hagar the Horrible. In addition to Woody, I remember a puppet named Zippy who never said anything.
I remember watching Kakeman anytime when me and my family would go to Kansas for Christmas and man do I miss him
I think there were many sponsers over the years but the one that sticks out in my mind is Davids Dept Store.
@sixgunn98 David's located at Kellogg and Greenwich road. Kind of a precursor to Sam's clubs and Costco.
I remember him. My brother had a toy named "Willie the Talk" and tried to be Uncle Bill.
KAKEMAN was a Kansas institution, much like Major Astro and Freddy Fudd.
I loved this show! Does anyone remember the sponsor of the show????
I loved it --- BIG SMILE :)
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