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Ahura mazda freemasonry Videos


sean penn ben stiller dustin hoffman clint eastwood kristen dunst jessica biel ron howard charles barkley shaq dakota fanning pyramids eyes illuminati ...

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i didn't understand until the 33rd time i saw it. wow you might like my videos as well. i show the holographic moon, forreal

659E(重・Im) Statue of Liberty that connect Zoroastrianism and Freemason+Secret of Calendar

659J(Important)【重要】 自由の女神は「男」だった。 (ゾロアスター教とフリーメーソンをつなぐ、謎の像) Statue of Liberty in USA was a Man. (The secret...

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It's a hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodite is very important in Freemasonry. 
+Jerd Guillaume-Sam Thank  you!
In short its about what human beings once were and what the system wants us to become.
+Hiroshi Hayashi That is a very long story to explain as a comment. Maybe you can watch the workshop seminar videos on my channel and then come back to me. Because until you do that there's just too much you don't know.
Thank you for your comment:Could you please teach me more about yout opinion?Why do you think it id Hermaphroditus?Thanks again.
Mithra remained one of the principal divinities of the syncrectic theology that issued from this triple influence. A sacred fires around the world are identified with Mithra. In this allegory the Lamb signifies the purified candidate, its seven horns !! representing the divisions of illuminated reason and its seven eyes the chakras, or perfected sense-perceptions. If you study the Zodiac, you will find there the signs of Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries, At about the eighth century B.C. the sun had entered the sign of Aries, the Lamb. Mithra a pre path to Christ, a shift in human consciousness.
I will write something soon as I am at work now.
Sorry but your English is hard to understand for us , the japanese. Explain what you mean in more plain English, than I can translate much easier.
(From Rooshic to H. Hayashi) Light, or or torch. Mithra is known as truth. Truth lights up the dark. Just like Christ dwelt in the physical and spiritual rays of the sun, The zoroastrians perceived Christ in the sun, after Christ would come in the physical. Mithra also dwelt in the sun, born in the cosmos, surrounded by the Zodiac.光であるにせよ、トーチであるにせよ、ミトラは真実であると知られている。真の光は暗闇を照らす。キリストが太陽の物理的、精神的な光の中に住んだように、ゾロアスター教徒は、太陽の中で、キリストが、具現した後、キリストを太陽の中で感知する。ミトラもまた、12宮に囲まれ、宇宙の中で生まれ、太陽の中に住んだ。 Winter Solstice, 21st of December. We all know of the summer solstice, so every left has its right. The Winter Solstice is associated with Mithra. The ancient Persian Deity, known as the Sun deity. In Avesta, Zoroastrian’s holly book, Mithra means promise and faith. Mehr (literary meaning love or sun) Ahura Mazda, God in Zoroastrianism. He was the protector of promise and faith and was lord of light and brightness. In many statues Mithra slays a bull. This being a cosmic slaying.12月21日の冬至、それに私たちはみな、夏至を知っている。つまりすべてのものには、「右」と「左」がある。冬至はミトラと関係がある。古代ペルシアの神々は、太陽の神々として知られているが、ゾロアスター教の聖書であるAvestaの中では、ミトラは、契約と信仰の神を意味する。(文字の上では、愛と太陽を意味する)Mehr・アフラ・マズダ、すなわち、ゾロアスター教の神については、彼は、契約と約束、信仰の守護者であり、光と輝きの主である。多くの銅像で、ミトラは牡牛を殺しているが、これは宇宙における殺りくを意味する。 Mithra remained one of the principal divinities of the syncrectic theology that issued from this triple influence. A sacred fires around the world are identified with Mithra.  In this allegory the Lamb signifies the purified candidate, its seven horns !! representing the divisions of illuminated reason and its seven eyes the chakras, or perfected sense-perceptions. If you study the Zodiac, you will find there the signs of Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries, At about the eighth century B.C. the sun had entered the sign of Aries, the Lamb.  Mithra a pre path to Christ, a shift in human consciousness.ミトラは、三種の影響をもった神々との融合神学から生まれた主要な神のひとりである。世界の神聖な炎は、ミトラと同一視される。説話の中では、ヒツジは、純化された志願者を意味する。7つの角(つの)は、照らされた理性の分野を意味する。そしてその7つの目は、根源的な力、つまり完璧な感覚の認知(=悟り)を意味する。12宮を勉強すれば、あなたはCancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries(=4つの星座)の印を見つけるだろう。紀元前8世紀ごろ、太陽は、Aries、つまり「羊」のしるしの中に入った。ミトラは、キリストへの前段階であった。つまりこうして(神々は)、人間の意識へと移行していった。
Thank you for your comment. I will translate your comment into Japanese, so that moe Japanese vcan read your commnet. Thnak you.Hiroshi

Immortal Technique (feat. Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw Nakai & Cornel West) - Sign of the Times (HQ)

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Cornel West is the man. Awesome song.

Immortal Technique | Sign of the Times | Global Climate Convergence NYC

Immortal Technique at the opening plenary of the Global Climate Convergence NYC, September 19, 2014 For more on the Global Climate Convergence, check ...

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This guy is a fucking socialist lol
Yeah you got a problem

1707 It's Small World+Mystery of Walt小さな世界+ディズニーの秘められた謎byはやし浩司Hiroshi Hayashi Japan

1707+1520 It's a small world after all and Mystery of Walt Disney 「結局は小さな世界なんだね」+ウォルト・ディズニーの謎 Allahu Akbar, Ahura Mazda,and Ra…God ...

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林先生、大変共感致しました。すごく良いメッセージです。 大変ありがとうございました。 私の子供たちも今は皆大人に成長し遠く離れて暮らしています。親として社会の為になる人間、 人を助ける人間に成って欲しいといつも願っています。 そしてもっと今よりもずっとずっと良い社会が作れる 様願っています。
はやし先生2015年今年もお世話になりました。来年も楽しみにいています。 全ての謎が解明され、人間や動物が神なるエイリアンによってより高次元を生きられる日を願っています。どうかお体に気をつけてください。来年も応援しています。それではよいお年を(。。)
+Hiroshi Hayashi あけましておめでとうございます。健康第一で、ご活動くださいませ\(-o-)/

Immortal Technique - 16 Sign Of The Times - The Martyr (lyrics)

A song from Immortal Technique new album The Martyr Download the whole album for free here: //www.mediafire.com/?9crubh5wp9nbm9i If you like this ...

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"Sign Of The Times" (feat. Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw Nakai, Cornel West) Imagine the word of god without religious groupies Imagine a savior born in a Mexican hoopty Persecuted a single mother in a modern manger You crucify him again like a fucking stranger Tears of the anger are worth more than diamonds or rubies Imagine being locked up since juvi Imagine changing your life and still going out like tookie Imagine niggas talking shit when they never knew me Imagine a movie that depicted the pain in your life like the kids in Afghanistan chasing a kite For most of the world that's what it's like Imagine if the woman your suppose to love for the rest of your life is set to marry someone else at the end of the night They say you fight the greatest jihad in your heart and your mind and fight the hardest when you start from behind So I dreamed the impossible all the time Fuck a masonic design America's future is mine repeat that to yourself cause if cultures a crime the numbers tatted on your arm aren't too far behind It can only conquer you after they murdered your mind So rise up motherfucker like the sign of the times I feel my body weakening but my spirit is fine Ready to go to war with devils at the drop of a dime and Fight with my rebel army until the stars are aligned Nostradamus was a white man's prophet who predicated European supremacist logic Because the pilgrims and conquistadors columns killed more innocent people than Hitler and Stalin (Yes) I guess the fortune teller skipped an Antichrist or two Brother give this to the OG's doing life with you and Pray for the problems with the popes psychology so the Vatican will offer an apology, (for what?!) for destroying the peoples liberation theology Snatching the spirit of Jesus from people in poverty Business decisions like keeping people in prisons but had the opposite effect incarcerating religion That type of crooked politics imposed on a populous is obvious if you read the Northwood documents Forget the compliments for what I recorded And live the revolution instead of always dying for it Remember a bullet can never stop me My legions are led by the spirit Haile Selassie watch me Even if I'm shot in the shakra I will prosper Doppler effect bumping music out a helicopter Tellin the Persians there comes the rasta And tell them I came back as the son of the Ahura Mazda Fish out the Philistine dagon from the shores of Gaza And call Quetzalcoatl flying over La Raza This is a message to the older gods I'll sacrifice you all to the revolution like the Romanovs Lost in the desert like the Hebrews of Israel The blood clot system try to kill me like sickle cell But I survived and alive to fight another day cocooned in a coma I can still hear my mother pray Sister crying out to god please let my brother stay Walking towards the light but somethings pulling me the other way
im with you immortal technique im with you im a so called mexican also so called hispanic but in reality the negroes and hispanics and native americans are ISRAELITES gods chosen people we fit the profecies STAND ME!!!!!
why is this track hard to find on YouTube now? its a free album so its not like Tech is taking it down???
my dad plays this is his car a lot cause this is my favorite song and i finally found it on youtube :D
He will not or join those thugs that point guns at us all.
I hope you don't get murdered by the government..
Thanks for uploading.
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