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Chicago sunset civil twilight Videos

Civil Twilight "Letters From The Sky" - Official Music Video

Dir. Michael Carney Copyright 2010 Wind-up Records, LLC winduprecords.com civiltwilightband.com I do not own this video. Other official video of the song ...

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The Mentalist brought me here! the funeral fits perfectly with this song..
Same here ... Shazam sent me here :P
+TheInspiredMe +1
Same here. Thanks to SoundHound too :)
Same here :)
Listening to this,i will always remember the epic match at Wrestlemania 29 John Cena vs The Rock #WWEChamp
+Roy Pol the only cena match i liked in the past 5 years are the matches with cesaro and the summerslam match with rollins
+HussainNahil yup agreed , epic & cena...hmmm lol
+HussainNahil Bigger bullshit than your life?
Epic? That Match was bullshit we knew that supercena was going to win

Civil Twilight - Interview + River (acoustic) / CBS News

Interview with Steven McKellar from Civil Twilight + acoustic performance of "River" from the album "Holy Weather" / June 2012 I do not own this video.

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These guys demonstrate true talent and what's great is their humble attitude. I saw them twice in San Antonio and Austin Tx. and they come out and talk to their fans. My only fear for them is how long they will last in the current untalented superficial industry. Whatever happens I hope they keep making music cause without bands like them there's no hope for real talent lovers... 
They're just the best band in the whole world... their songs actually means something more than the actual music that only speak of sex, being drunk and drugs and they have the true gift of music. this acoustic video just proves it.
i wish more people could here their music, its is incredible! i have lyrics of 'letters from the sky' tattooed on my ribs, easily argued my favorite song/band of all time.
i came to them through I Am NUmber Four and Defience
I totally agree! Their music is inspiring.

Civil Twilight - Quiet In My Town, by www.GuitarTutee.com

//www.guitartutee.com Civil Twilight Guitar Tutorial Song Acoustic Live Lyrics Chords Tabs Cover Videoke How To Play.

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Hey, thanks for the tutorial. My name is Andrew and I play guitar for civil twilight and i think i might use this, i'm a little rusty on the chords. keep up the good work. Guitar is an awesome machine.
hi! i love your tutorials they're awesome they really help me a lot... you should do some duffy tutorials that'd be great!
I'm pretty sure the capo is on the 2nd fret. Check a live video from the band. I'm totally confused now. 
Great job mate! Do you happen to know the chords from Letters From The Sky? Thanks!
o my i love civil twilight and you did a great job.
thanks really appreciate it =]
im 3rd

Doorway - Civil Twilight at 102.1 The Edge

Fire Escape - Civil Twilight at 102.1 The Edge

I do not own this video. source: //www.kdge.com/iplaylist/artist/1027075/

the sunlight sessions - day one - civil twilight - letters from the sky (cover) - kai tier

Day one of the sunlight sessions - I'm hoping to record a random song out in the sun somewhere each day of my vacation (and beyond). This was recorded in ...

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Sounds Better than the Original Version. Great Job !

Letters From The Sky - Civil Twilight at 102.1 The Edge

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