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Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation Movie Clip Official (HD)

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@crimsonvipor= Never see a movie just because a critic likes it. If i went to see a movie because a critic liked it, I would have ended up seeing crap like Notting Hill. Critics are almost worthless.
@NickerRaeff I on the other hand, think it's a great idea! I enjoyed Toy Story 3 very much and I wouldn't mind seeing another one :) I think this is one of those movies that will never get old.
While its obvious fans would love a toystory4, the story is over however, it was all about andy, he is grownup and they have a new kid, life goes on people! a television series however...
@ClevverMovies Cars 2 is the first Disney Pixar film to get a rotten rating from rotten tomatoes. I would still see it if this is on before.
omg i sooooooooooooooooooo wanna see this it better be turned into a movie i love barbie and ken ...even though im like 13 years old
@DoubleAProdStudios I agree, but i also think that Pixar can make a prequel of the first 3 movies, that wouldnt be so bad.
@DoubleAProdStudios No i know but Tom Hanks said after these 15 min short movies he's agreed to shin on with Toy Story 4
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it's amazing how barbie and ken can still be cool in 2011. I mean, kudos for pixars that can pull this off
barbie and ken remind me of romeo and indi on HAA! lol their act going to hawai next week! lol
@dlai16 No. It is one of those shorts that is played before the start of a Pixar movie.
@NickerRaeff This isn't Toy Story 4. It's a short that plays before Cars 2 in cinemas
Another Toy story movie god i liked where it ended but now their just going overboard
this is going to be the only reason why teenagers and grownups will be seeing cars 2
Barbie and Ken were by far the best additions to the cast for Toy Story 3 omfg.
this is the short before the Cars 2 movie? the short is my favorite part!!!!
lol lego ppl moving the stuff thats epic :D legos are the best toy evor
I think TOY STORY 4 is a bad idea. Disny/Pixar is just getting greedy.

Como convertir tu coche en un Cars

En este tutorial os vamos a enseñar como convertir tu coche personal en un personaje de los Cars de Pixar (Disney), es un tutorial sencillo y facil de aplicar, ...

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Hola luis Ribeiro.Es un placer recibir este tipo de comentarios, me alegra mucho que te haya servido, por otra parte te invito a suscribirte a nuestro canal para no perderte los próximos vídeos.Un saludo y bienvenido.

Milwaukee's "Cars 2" Connection

From open wheel racing to NASCAR, he's covered it all. Plus, if you've lived in Milwaukee for a while, he may have even sold you a car ! Now, David Hobbs has ...

Cole like the commentary from David Hobbs (via YouTube Capture.)

AJMS 29: Cars 2

Great Moments in Motorsport Punditry: 1999 CART @ Vancouver: Ben Edwards

This is the kind of punditry motorsport needs more of, guys like Parker Johnstone, Ben Edwards, Paul Page, Sam Posey, Bobby Unser, Ken Squier, David & Guy ...

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Maybe it's because I'm a Yank, but I find it difficult to enjoy an American race with non-US. That's fine for F1, Le Mans, etc., and no disrespect to Ben Edwards, but I think it's best to let the American broadcasters call the US races. It's like SPEED's weird decision to send Mike Joy and Darrell Waltrip to call the V8 races. Let the Aussie blokes tell us about THEIR racing, and let the Yankee broadcasters tell the world about OUR racing.
I can see the difference. Mike Joy, OTOH, would probably have said "Around goes Tracy . . . " and his colleagues would go deep into how he overpowered himself into that spin. Of course Mike Joy's difference is he's raced at the club level, and would find the mistake to a fine-toothed comb.
@Altamonteric ben edwards is my uncle! :D been quite amusing learning more than i knew about him on wiki! :P guess i got alot more to talk about than just his commentating when i next see him. woop!
@EMMISSION420 Tell your uncle that whenever I commentate on something, I put a lot of passion and energy into it, because of him, no matter what sport I'm calling. Your Uncle Ben rules.
Um, this is from a race in Canada. And they also ran in Japan and Australia and Brazil around this time. It was no longer just a series for Americans...
He just calls what even the thickest of viewer can see. Not looking forward to his commentary on F1.
Ben Edwards and Martin Brundle would be the perfect pair after Murray Walker retiring.
@UberAntisocialist I agree with your comment and your user name.
They have had Indy races in Canada for like 35 years.
That's because Mike Joy is also a good commentator.
...and now F1 commentator for the BBC next year :)
Ben Edwards is the best English commentator!
Ben Edwards voice - 0:19
@continentalrcinglg hero!
Ben Edwards = Awesome.
which one is Ben ?
@oogaw Epic!

Carros 2 (Cars 2) 2011 Trailer Official Dublado HD.flv

//www.baixefilmeonline.com/ .... Baixe e Assita Filmes Online Sinopse: O mundo todo se transforma numa pista de corrida quando o superastro Relâmpago ...

The Poolbeg Lighthouse, Great South Wall Under Water

The Great South Wall under Water today at Full Tide and High Winds, in Dublin Port-28th-Dec-2015.

Toys 4 Big Boys 2011 / Live Action Area with Mr Hobbs coffee

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